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Which Hairstyle Will Look Best On Me- Hairstyles According to Your Face Shape

Which Hairstyle Will Look Best On Me?

While most men don’t care too much about hairstyles, women often fuss over their hairdo before they can find the perfect one for themselves.

Don’t we all know that all hairstyles don’t look good on everyone?

A hairdo which looks great on Britney Spears, for example, might look totally disastrous on Michelle Obama. Now that was a weird comparison, I know!!

But I am sure most of you have wondered what haircut would look good on your face, at one point of time or other. To begin with, all of us have differently shaped faces.

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Which Hair Style Will Look Good On Me?

The main shapes of faces are:

· Heart shaped

· Oval

· Square

· Round

· Long face, and

· Triangular

Study the shape of your face and make out which category you fall into to be able to choose the best hairstyles according to your face shape.

Take a cue from some of your favorite celebrities which have a face shape similar to yours before you go and get a haircut which transforms you totally.

1. Best Haircut for Heart Face

A heart shaped face means a longer chin.

If you have a heart shaped face, you have to pick up a hairstyle which draws attention away from this long chin of yours while helping draw attention to the eyes and lips.

As a rule, people with heart shaped faces should avoid haircuts which are shorter than the chin.

An exception to this would be Jessica Stroup who looks both sophisticated and confident with a sleep crop.

Choose from the long bob which looks absolutely WOW on Jennifer Aniston, long bangs like Reese Witherspoon’s, a deep side part like Ashley Greene, blunt bangs made famous by Jennifer Lawrence of the American Hustle fame, face framing layers like those of Eva Longoria or a bouncy bob like Dianna Agron.

2. Best Haircut for Oval Face

People with oval faces should consider themselves lucky because this shape is able to carry off most hairstyles with élan.

No rules.

Just pick up anything you want, while you take care to avoid front bangs.

You could opt for gorgeous long, layered curls like the style diva Kate Middleton, Jessica Alba’s shoulder length waves, curved bangs like Liv Tylor, sexy boho waves like the gorgeous Kate Hudson, a shaggy bob like Emily Blunt, try the pixie look of Emma Watson or opt for Beyonce’s straight sleek look.

And yes, how could I leave out Mila Kunis?

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3. Best Haircut for Square Face

Square faces means angular jaws.

Try to draw attention away from these jaws by choosing a hairstyle which looks best with a square face.

Choose from choppy ends, soft curls or get inspired by hairdos of celebs with square faces. Almost anything which helps keep hair close to the face, so as to help soften the jawline.

Very blunt bangs should be avoided.

Pick from the mono-length bob on Uma Thurman in Pulp fiction, textured waves which look perfect on the supermodel Gisele Bundchen, long layers aka Gwyneth Paltrow, Olivia Wilde’s sideswept bangs.

4. Best Haircut for Round Face

Round faces are full near the jawline.

The best hair cut for such a face would be one which makes the face look longer and more oval rather than one which will make it look fuller than it actually is.

The thumb rule in this case would be to keep it very simple.

The mention of a round face immediately reminds me of Penelope Cruz and her stunningly beautiful long hair with very subtle layers.

Nicole Richie looks amazing with a heavy fringe and angled bangs as does Adele in her shoulder length bob with slight layers at the bottom.

Sideswept shoulder length bangs help Kirten Dunst’s round face look thinner.

Choose your own style statement.

5. Best Haircut for Long Face

Long or diamond shaped faces are characterized by prominent cheekbones with a small forehead and a small chin while the overall face tapers towards the chin.

If you have a long face, you would do well to avoid hairdos which have very blunt bangs though adding bangs will help the face look less longer than it actually is.

Emma Roberts sports angled layers which look almost seamless in her fine hair. Minka Kelly too has long layers which start from her chin and it looks perfect on her thick mane. Sofia Vergara’s layers, on the other hand, start around the collarbone and instead of being blended, they are randomly cut.

6. Best Haircut for Triangular Face

Such faces are most wide at the jawline while the forehead, eyes and cheeks are narrower.

Opt for a hairdo which is fuller at the top and thins gradually as it reaches the chin. This will make the face look longer while accentuating the cheek bone and forehead and helping draw attention away from the chin.

If you want longer hair, the hair cut should be such that it helps emphasize the eyes.

Long, sideswept bangs look perfect.

Get inspired by Billie Piper, Minnie Driver, Ali Larter, Kathy Ireland or Renee Zellweger.

More famously, Rihanna!

To make it even easier, we have all this info for you in a more understandable format.


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  1. Very nice hairstyle which you choose according to face shape. It is important to keep hairstyle looks good on you.

  2. You know, I’ve always wanted to try a pixie cut. Good thing I’m an oval :)

  3. Hairstyle and face shapes are intertwining aspects. A beautiful hair do on the inappropriate face shape can be disastrous. Thanks for the resources here. It would be great to have you visit my blog.

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