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Upgrading iPhone 4 to iOS 7- How Advisable?

The iPhone 4 which was introduced in 2010 has been one of Apple’s best selling products in India ever since its launch.

Its all glass and aluminum body, the wonderful user interface and the APPLE logo gave it a distinct edge over all its formidable rivals three years back and made it an instant hit among all Apple lovers. The surprising thing is that it continues to be a huge hit with buyers of all age groups and diverse backgrounds even today.

There are thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of people who would not mind buying an outdated version of this product simply to be able to flaunt the Apple logo.

The iPhone 4 does not sell in the US anymore though it continues to do good business in the various stores across India.


One of the reasons for that being that the price of the handset is very competitive. After having been cut down a number of times (each time a newer model was launched), it sells for about Rs 22000 in the Indian market. Which is a very good price, even by Indian standards.

Considering that three years is a long long time in the rapidly evolving cell phone market, the fact that iPhone 4 continues to be an object of desire and a hot selling item even after all those years is certainly a feat that Apple Inc. would like to be proud of.

One of the reasons the older models of iPhones continue to sell even after the launch of newer ones is that Apple is quick to offer software updates to its existing users, thereby allowing them to upgrade to the latest iOS easily and without any hitches.

This gives the loyal iPhone users the satisfaction and pleasure of being able to use the latest software rolled out by the company on their older handsets.

Apple was quick to offer its users the option to upgrade to iOS7 after the recent launch of Apple iPhone 5s.

There have been mixed reactions about this upgrading to iOS 7. While there are some whom can’t seem to stop raving over the ability to use the latest software on their three year old handheld device, there are others who are regretting having done so.


Though it is technically possible to run iOS 7 on an iPhone 4, 4s and 5, does this ‘upgrade’ actually help make your device better?

Think twice before upgrading to the newer software. Especially because you will not have the option to revert to the older one if you don’t quite like it.

We bring to you the good reviews as well as the bad ones directly from people who carried out this upgrade.

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Upgrading iPhone 4 to iOS 7- Bad Reviews

One of my friends who is a tech blogger has been regretting his decision to upgrade. He installed iOS 7 on his elder brother’s iPhone 4 soon after the option became available. And says that he immediately repented having done so. The upgrade made the device much slower. So did the animations. He also complains of a noticeable lag while scrolling through previously installed apps.

I also read about the reactions of a leading stock broker over Twitter. This broker who has been a diehard Apple fan over all the years says that an iPhone 4 also compares to a mid-ranged Android phone after the upgrade. Besides the lag, some of the apps on his iPhone have crashed. Nor can his six year old daughter continue to enjoy playing Temple run on his device anymore because it invariably crashes every time he decides to try fixing it up for her.

Some of the most common ‘charges’ leveled against this upgrade are:

· Slowing down the entire system

· Problems with the battery life

· Loading time almost doubles after the upgrade

· Lag while scrolling through apps

· Slower multi tasking, particularly a lag between switching between apps

· Crashing of several apps

· A lag while typing messages. The letters begin to appear on the screen while typing both WhatsApp messages and text messages with a noticeable lag.

Experts have begun to believe that the three year old phone probably lacks the hardware to support a modern operating system like the iOS 7.

The main issue being the RAM. iPhone 4 which runs on 512 MB RAM is just not good enough to handle multi tasking which have been introduced in iOS 7.

All the same, there have been people who are, by and large, satisfied after having done so.

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Upgrading iPhone 4 to iOS 7- Good Reviews

Inspite of some accusations being leveled against the possibility of this upgrade, not everyone is disgruntled with the performance of his phone after moving on to iOS 7.

Most iPhone lovers who have opted to upgrade hold that the device continues to be usable inspite of a slowed down performance.

And though the lags are noticeable, the device does not hang.

While there are some who have been ecstatic over the possibility run their older cell phone on the latest iOS, there are others whose reactions have been subdued.


Should You Upgrade iPhone4 to iOS 7?

After having carefully weighed both the pros and cons of upgrading an iPhone4 to iOS 7, the question is whether it is indeed a good idea to go in for the newer version of the software on an older device or not?

Well, I would say – It depends.

It would depend upon what you value more- the performance and speed or the features?

If you value performance above everything else, it would be a safer proposition to stick to iOS4, 5 or 6.

But if there are features like the Control Center which you find drool worthy and don’t mind compromising with some speed to be able to get them, getting the iOS 7 would sound like the ultimate thing.

At the same time, if you don’t own an iPhone 4 already and are thinking of buying it simply because of its very affordable prices and the possibility of running it on the latest iOS 7 after getting it at a fraction of the cost of the latest iPhone in the market, I would strongly deter you from trying that out.

It would be a much better idea to save aside a few more nickels and get a newer version of the iPhone than spending on an iPhone 4 which is now an obsolete set by any standards.

Given a choice, I wouldn’t even spend on the later iPhone 4s for that matter.

If you have upgraded already, you can enhance the performance of your older iPhone

If you own one already and can’t get rid of it before the expiry of your contract, you don’t really have an option. But why go in for a technology which has since been replaced by much better versions?

All a matter of individual tastes, preferences and requirements.

Have you upgraded your iPhone 4 to iOS7?

If yes, do share your experiences here with our readers.

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