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The Best Fat Burning Vegetables

After explaining what are negative calorie foods/ fat burners, we talked about best fat burning fruits in a previous post in this section.
Here, now, is a list of best fat burning vegetables.

Fat burners/ negative calorie foods are those which use up more calories of the body for digesting than would be released by them or contained in them.

Also mentioned in brackets are the number of calories a 100 gram helping of that food would help you burn, since they are highly effective fat burners/ negative calorie foods.


Best Fat Burning vegetables

Peas (60 calories):

Eat them fresh to shed those extra kilos hanging on to you, because the tinned version contains more carbohydrates. A small 100 gram helping of peas helps you burn as many as 60 calories while providing you almost 22% of your vitamin C and 27% of vitamin K requirements for the day. They also help lower blood cholesterol and blood sugar levels, making them one of the best fat burning vegetables.

Artichoke/ Jerusalem (44 calories):

This is a herb which has been used in the East (particularly Asia) to aid digestion for centuries. The bitter leaf extract from artichoke helps digest acids present in the stomach, fight belly fat and also lower the level of blood cholesterol. It can also provide relief from IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). However, it can cause flatulence and contribute to the building up of gallstones. Their high carbohydrate content, however, makes the dieters shun it.

Avocados (40 calories):

Technically speaking, avocados are fruits (like tomatoes and cucumbers). They have been included in this list because they taste like a vegetable and are used as vegetables too. Another reason why most people will be shocked to find avocados in this list is that they are believed to be laden with fats. No doubt, avocados are rich in fats but the fats contained in them are actually good for us. The good fats (monounsaturated fats) present in avocados prevents us from getting fatter and infact helps us lose weight. Further, avocados contain a carbohydrate called mannoheptulose which helps regulate sugar metabolism making it one of the best fat burning vegetables.

Carrots (40 calories):

Amazingly versatile, you can bake ‘em, boil ‘em or stir fry ‘em. Cook it as a vegetable, use it in your salad or bake it in your cake, use it in sandwiches or simply munch on them raw to burn your body fat. Since they are yummy, most of us do not need to be prodded to include more of them in our diet. Knowing that they contain no fats and zero cholesterol besides being one of the best fat burning vegetables makes them one of my favorite foods too!!

natural weight loss

Broccoli (38 calories):

An inexpensive, healthy and a highly versatile food, it is one of the best fat burning vegetables. Loaded with nutrients (vitamins C and K, potassium and calcium), it contains zero fat and no cholesterol at all. So any which way you eat it- steamed, stir fried or baked, you will be burning up your fat because of the high amounts of fiber contained in it. It also prevents thickening up of arteries, making it an extremely healthy food for those suffering from heart disease.

Spinach (35 calories):

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends spinach as the ideal vegetable for weight loss. It is low in calories and extremely rich in iron, folic acid, vitamins A and C, magnesium, manganese, and an extremely effective anti oxidant. The quercetin present in it prevents clogging of arteries and fight cancer. Rich in fiber and low in carbohydrates, spinach is also among the healthiest foods known to us.

Brussel sprouts (32 calories):

A cupful of this cabbage cousin contains only 38 calories but can give you almost 13% of the fiber you need in a day. Its ultra high vitamin content (A, C, B6, E and K) together with folate and minerals like potassium and manganese causes dieters and weight conscious people to love Brussel sprouts, even if they hated them as kids. To get the most out of them, pick them up fresh because yellow and mushy leaves are not half as good as fresh ones.

Leeks (30 calories):

An extremely healthy calorie-carbohydrate ratio makes leeks an extremely healthy and popular choice for weight loss. You can cook it up as a vegetable or use it in soups. However, they are very low in proteins also and deficient in minerals and vitamins as well due to which they are not something a nutritionist would recommend.

Tomatoes (30 calories):

Strictly speaking, tomatoes are also fruits. Amazingly versatile, they can be used in salads, soups and in vegetables besides being used in sauces, gravies and salad dressings as well. Thelycopene (red pigment) present in them is a great anti oxidant and helps fight cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

Mushrooms (28 calories):

They have been favorites ever since I was a kid (those unforgettable Super Mario days)! They contain almost no carbohydrates and very few calories. Further, they are low in sodium content and rich in vitamins (C, D, B6, B12, niacin, riboflavin and pantothenic acid) and minerals. Their incredible fat burning properties make them one of the best fat burning vegetables.

Cauliflower (26 calories):

A cruciferous vegetable, cauliflower is an ideal weight loss companion because of its low carbohydrate and zero fat content. Since we have to chew on it for a long time (owing to its crunchiness), we get a feeling of being ‘full’ without having eaten a lot of it! Next only to citrus fruits in vitamin C concentration, it also possesses cancer fighting properties and is a great anti oxidant too besides containing oodles of fiber.

Fat burner vegetables

Onions (25 calories):

Once you know how rich onions are in nutrition, they won’t make you cry even if you have to chop them! Not only are they extremely effective anti oxidants, they contain minerals which help to break down and burn the fats and to step up the rate of metabolism. They also possess cancer fighting properties, are good for cardiovascular health, prevent clogging of blood platelets and help step up immunity. They are great negative calorie foods which can be used in salads, vegetables and soups.

Cabbage (23 calories):

Though cabbage does not contain too much fiber, it can still be an effective fat burning vegetable because it is extremely low in calories. Half a cup of it contains only 17 calories and if you eat a cabbage salad (100 calories) instead of a pasta dish (300 calories), you will fill up your tummy with lesser calorie intake. Cabbage is also a great anti oxidant and very low in carbohydrates, making it a dieters’ delight.

Asparagus (20 calories):

Besides having amazing fat burning properties, asparagus is full of goodness of vitamins (A,E, K and B6) and nutrients (iron, potassium, manganese, copper and selenium). Four pieces of asparagus contain only 13 calories and practically no fat or cholesterol. The high fiber content causes the body to burn fat and contributes to weight loss.

Celery (14 calories):

Apigenin, an active constituent of celery, helps fight ovarian cancer in addition to being an effective anti-inflammatory food. A cup full of it contains only 19 calories but our body needs a lot more than that to digest it, making it an ideal negative calorie food. It can be consumed whole or in the form of celery juice.

Turnip (12 calories):

This is another vegetable which is rich in fiber and low in calories and carbohydrates and good sources of vitamin C.  Turnip greens (the green leaves on top), however, are rich in vitamin A, C, K and calcium.

Cucumbers (9 calories):

Crunchy and good to eat, cucumbers can be added to salads and dips, or eaten raw. High concentration of fiber in addition to zero fat and zero cholesterol content makes it one of the best fat burning vegetables. Though not the best of foods if you compare the calorie-carbohydrate ratio, its high water content makes it a great hydrating food and helps you make fuller with a low calorie intake.


Even if you hated eating vegetables as a kid, I am sure you’ll love to eat them now after knowing about their incredible ability to burn the fats in your body and thus help you in weight loss.

The next time you go grocery shopping, make sure you stuff up your bag with some of the best fat burning vegetables you just read about!


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  2. We all know that eating vegetables have many health benefits. Vegetables not only provide your body with minerals and vitamins but also they provide you with many amazing fat burning benefits.

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