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The Best Fat Burning Fruits

Negative calorie foods or fat burners(as discussed in the previous post in this section) help burn calories by consuming    more energy for digesting them than would be released from them subsequently.

We are talking about the best fat burning fruits in this post, though we will discuss vegetables, fish and meat later too.

While we all know that having lots of fruits is good for health, I am sure most of you never realized that eating fruits could actually help you lose weight!!!

That should make all the fruit lovers happy while those who are not too fond of them should also give them a serious thought.

Best Fat Burning Fruits


Here is the list of the best fat burning fruits, along with the number of calories a 100 gram helping of the mentioned fruit would help you burn:

Mangoes (80 calories):

Rightly called the ‘King of fruits”, mangoes can help you burn some calories besides the other health benefits associated with them. According to researchers from the Oklahoma State University, the phenolic compounds present in the mangoes “energize the body’s systems for digesting and metabolizing food”. The African mango in particular (an extremely rare fruit which grows only in certain parts of Cameroon) was found to possess great fat burning properties.

Pears (64 calories):

Women who ate more apples and pears were found to have higher rate of energy usage or calorie burning and also of burning up fat, as per the findings of a research conducted by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. However, they have a high carbohydrate content due to which they do not usually go well with people opting for a low carb diet.

effective fat burning fruits

Grapes (60 calories): According to researchers at UT Health Science Center at San Antonio, a natural component present in grapes (Resveratrol), can help us fight many types of cancer and also help in shedding weight. According to Dr. Feng Liu, the lead researcher, the Reservatrol present in grapes helps stimulate the production of a hormone called adioponectin which helps burn off calories.

Cherries (53 calories): Sweet and delicious, they are extremely low in calories and contain almost no carbohydrates. The anthocyanins (red colored pigments) present in them help to control the levels of blood sugar and their high fiber content gives them the capability to burn off 53 calories with a 100 gram helping.

Blueberries (52 calories): Besides being rated by experts as the best antioxidant fruits, they also help in strengthening bones and in regulating blood sugar. Their high fiber content gives them an edge over other fat burning foods besides the fact that they protect against damage from the sun and are great for eye health.

Grapefruit (50 calories): Richly endowed with vitamin C, potassium and phosphorus, high in fiber and low in calories, grapefruits are ideal for weight watchers. While the smell of grapefruits helps curb hunger, their high fiber content makes them a highly ‘filling’ food and discourages overeating.  Eating good amounts of it helps fight fatigue and their wonderful ability to ‘burn’ carbohydrates makes them an ideal fat burning food.

Blackberries (50 calories): Their amazing ability to burn 50 calories with a 100 gram helping make blackberries one of the most popular fat burning foods.  Loaded with antioxidants, they help strengthen your body, improve your memory and fight against cancer. Packed with natural sweetness (besides the goodness), they could help you satisfy your craving for ‘something sweet’ after a meal.

fat burner fruits

Oranges (42 calories): The Mayo Clinicwebsite says that oranges are an exceptionally rich source of soluble fiber, which helps to improve cholesterol and regulate the level of blood sugar. They also help boost immunity and contain zero fat. Eating an orange is always better than drinking orange juice because juice lacks the fiber which is present in the whole orange.

Apples (40 calories): A greatly versatile fruit, you can use it up in salads, desserts or just eat it raw (with or without the peel on). Their high fiber content helps you burn a lot of calories, making it just the right thing to dig your teeth in whenever a craving strikes! Add to it the fact that apples contain ZERO fats and no cholesterol at all, making it the most popular fruit among weight watchers across the world.

Pineapples (37 calories): Extremely delicious, extremely versatile and extremely efficient fat burners! That makes pineapples a lethal combination! They are very rich in vitamin C and manganese, besides containing bromelain (a mixture of protein digesting enzymes) which aid digestion, have analgesic and anti inflammatory properties. While eating pineapple does work wonders for the body because of the high fiber content in the fruit), one needs to exercise discretion while opting for juice. Drinking juice laden with sugar will negate many of the health benefits associated with this wonderful fruit.

Strawberries (28 calories): One of the tastiest fruits known to mankind, strawberries help weight loss by stepping up the production of a hormone that improves the rate of metabolism and curbs appetite and by slowing down the rate of digesting carbohydrates. Me, for one, didn’t need to be told about strawberries’ fat burning abilities to be ‘inspired’ to have more of them!!

Raspberries (24 calories):The high fiber content, low calorific value and the anti-oxidant properties of raspberries make them a favorite with dieters. The ketone present in raspberries helps regulate adiponectin (a protein which our body uses for regulating metabolism. Having 100 mg of it every day can have the desired effect.

 Guavas (24 calories): Usually eaten raw, this fruit is a virtual “powerhouse”,since it is laden with the goodness of vitamins A and C, folic acid, rich in fiber and many minerals including copper and potassium. Further, it is an effective antioxidant and is useful for treating high blood pressure, lowering blood cholesterol, coughs, cold and diarrhea. All this while you burn your fat deposits!

Limes (11 calories): High in vitamin C and antioxidants (which help fight free radicals found in the blood), limes help the body fight some types of cancers and delay the process of aging. If the results of a study published in the Journal of American College of Nutrition are to be  believed, people consuming enough vitamin C burnt 30% more fat while exercising as compared to those whose vitamin C intake was found to be inadequate

Apricots (9 calories): Low in calories (1 apricot contains less than 10 calories) and in fats, they help to step up the rate of metabolism making them a very popular choice with weight conscious people. They are also rich in vitamins A and C, potassium, sodium and dietary fiber. However, their high carbohydrate content makes them fall out of favor for people opting for a low carb diet.


I am sure you will be able to shed some extra pounds off you after knowing about the best fat burning fruits !!
Keep reading. We will soon be writing about the best fat burning vegetables!!

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  1. Hello Mam,
    I was looking for the same. However i have heard that Guvava is also fat burning fruit. Is that true? What about avocados?

  2. First things first.
    Let me first apologize for the delay in replying.
    Now,thanks for reminding me about the humble guavas. I wonder HOW I could miss out on that!!
    I have edited the post above and mentioned the health benefits of guavas and their fat burning qualities in the above post.
    Though avocados are fruits (technically speaking), they taste more like vegetables and so are covered in the next post : The best fat burning vegetables.

  3. I am going to start eating more healthy. It’s just that fruit is SO expensive now a days. But I will do better.

    • Ambika Choudhary Mahajan

      Hi Krystol, What you have just mentioned is absolutely correct!! Fruit is expensive- no doubts about that at all!
      But consider the health benefits you get from these and you will realize that they are well worth it. After all, wouldn’t it be better to “invest” in good health rather than fill up out tummies with junk for now and spend on medicines later? :)
      I am sure you’ll agree to that!
      Here’s wishing you the best of health and good luck with your weight loss goals! :)

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