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11 Month Old Red Tibetan Mastiff is the Most Expensive Dog in the World at $1.5 mn or Rs 8.4 crores

A Red Tibetan Mastiff that was born and brought up in China has become the most expensive dog in the world till date, after a wealthy Chinese coal baron paid a whopping £1 million ($1.55 million or Rs 8.4 crores!!!) to buy it!!

Though the name of the billionaire who could afford to blow up a million pounds on a dog has not been disclosed, the breeder of the 11 month pup, Lu Liang, says that the price tag accompanying the canine is completely justified.

Most expensive dog in the world Big Splash Red Tibetan Mastiff

This because he says that this is probably the most ‘perfect’ Red Tibetan mastiff in the world. He is said to have paid salaries running into huge amounts to his staff for raising this dog.

Well, I would have bought a swanky new Porsche 911 if I had that kind of money to indulge myself!!

The dog which has aptly been named “Big Splash” weighs 180 lbs at present.

With this price tag, Big Splash ‘dethrones’ Red Lion as the world’s most expensive dog, a ‘coveted’ title which the latter had held for almost a year. Red lion had been purchased for £ 915,000 ($1.4 mn or Rs 7.66 crores) last year.

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What Makes The Red Tibetan Mastiff Special?

A fully grown Red Tibetan Mastiff can weigh upto 286 pounds (110 kg).

But THAT is surely no reason to pay such an exorbitant price for a DOG.

Is it?

This particular breed of dogs is said to be a harbinger of good luck and good health for its owners.

They are considered to be holy animals in China and Tibet. If folklore is to be believed, these dogs carry within them the noble “souls of monks and nuns who were not good enough to be reincarnated as humans or into heavenly realm”.

Other famous people who have owned Red Tibetan Mastiffs in the past include King George IV, Queen Victoria and the infamous Genghis Khan.

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world's most expensive dog Red tibetan mastiff costing $1.5mn

The ambitious invader is said to have taken a fleet of 30,000 dogs of this breed with him when he set out to conquer Western Europe, thinking they would bring him good luck!

Traditionally, Tibetan mastiffs have been used to guard livestock. But after paying such a huge amount for what is after all a dog, we are sure that the owner has something else on his mind!

If the breeder is to be believed, the new owner of Big Splash can easily earn £10,000- £15,000 every time it mates with a female Red Tibetan.


Whether the owner bought it to just show it off as a prized possession just like the bold and the beautiful flaunt their designer jewellery and cars or as a symbol of good luck, the fact is that the dog lives a king’s life in a world where millions go to bed on an empty stomach every night!

It’s a dog’s life out there for them, as the cliché goes!


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  1. Whatever be the folklore and local belief, but eight and a half crores for a dog is really strange. Human race is most complicated animal and nobody can understand them as a whole. Don’t know if the owner of that dog gains better health or not but a huge wealth he has already spent :O)

  2. That is a LOT OF MONEY!!!! :P :D
    It is very strange to know that one dog was bought for 8.5 crore. Only a person who does not get to eat two square meals a day can know the value of that much money.
    And spending it all on a DOG????
    …….But nice effort and good information. :)

  3. Hello Ambika,

    I am very impressed with you. Really its nice information which you have shared post about this dog . Actually, I love dogs a lot. and i didn’t know about it .Really this dog will be costly, i never thought it. Really, its toooooo…. expensive. but sure i will tell to all my friends…Thanks for this post. really you are all rounder.

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