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Is Kate Middleton Pregnant Again?

When Prince William threw all caution to the winds and followed his heart to marry a commoner, Kate Middleton, the world was taken aback.

The heir to the throne marrying a daughter of an airline pilot and an air hostess and her being a commoner was not something that go unnoticed. And obviously, it didn’t!

The style diva that the gorgeous Kate is, she soon became the shutterbugs’ delight and a fashion icon across the world.


Rumors of Kate Middleton’s Second Pregnancy

Last July (2013), she gave birth to the adorable Prince George Alexander Louis after which she has not been seen in public too often.


If the rumors are to be believed, the Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant again already!

Though it is too early yet to confirm or negate the rumors, we wouldn’t after all be surprised if the speculation does turn out to be true because the Duchess was seen with a massive baby bump recently.

The reports about Kate’s second pregnancy first surfaced in the Star Magazine and they go on to add that the royal family is overwhelmed with the news of the second pregnancy.


Not only this, the magazine which claims to have got the whiff of another royal in the making from sources within the palace also seemed to be very sure about the date on which the Duchess broke the news of her pregnancy to all the members of the family at a pre-Christmas family event (December 18)!

The baby bump was first seen on Kate on a routine outing to the Kensington Gardens in London. A few days later, she was seen at an event at the Natural History Museum in London with a very conspicuous bump yet again. Not only this, she is said to have been see resting her hands on the bump as well.

The ‘royal insider’ is believed to have told the magazine that the Duchess is keen on having a baby girl this time. Not only that, it is also being suggested that the couple have already decided to name the newborn Diana after her (?) charismatic and much loved grandmother if it indeed turns out to be a girl.

In total contrast with her first pregnancy when the Duchess had to be hospitalized for dehydration following acute morning sickness, she seems to be more at ease with herself this time.

The Clarence House, however, has refused to elaborate on the rumors saying that they do not need to comment on it and that magazine around the world will have something to say about the royal family every now and then.

Their refusal to comment is also being interpreted as a tacit admission of the Duchess of Cambridge’s second pregnancy.

Given the fact that the Duchess had herself earlier mentioned to the media that she and the Prince intend to have a large family and would not mind having three babies in five years, the rumors could well be true!

Wait for a few more months to know the truth!!

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  1. So happy for the beautiful couple! You can see the love in those two’s eyes, no wonder they want to share it with more kids.

  2. Lets wait and watch…is all I can say. She is beautiful no one will be shocked if she is pregnant again. Hehe.
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