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Interesting, Fun Juice Facts and Apple Twist Muffins Recipe- Infographic

We all know that juices are healthy.

Fruits and vegetable juices are becomingly increasingly popular among all people, across the world because of their amazing health benefits:

Juices help improve your digestion and overall metabolism. They are a rich source of nutrients.

Juices are low in calories go a long way and help promote weight loss, particularly if you take care to extract fresh juice or buy ones with no added sugar.

All that and a lot more about juices and the trend of juicing which is becoming increasingly popular in this wonderful infographic from Infographicas.

This tells you about the countries with the highest juice consumption, what fruits are juiced most often and how juices help promote weight loss.

Not only that, we also share with you the recipe to lip-smackingly delicious Apple Twist Muffins, made from real juice pulp.

Could juicing ever get better than this?


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  1. Hi Ambika,

    Juice has many health benefits as you already explained via infographic, though I have also heard that regularly drinking juice can cause diabetes issues as well. Most of the fruits contain sugar and regular intake increases the sugar level in your body.
    Bharat recently posted…Fortis Women’s Health NGO’s in IndiaMy Profile

  2. Hey Ambika mam,
    First of all I would like to say that very nice infographic you shared.. :)
    Juice has many benefits..!!! It gave you instant energy..!!! It helps you even in weigh loss..!!

    Tell me one thing mam which i am curious about and that thing you also didn’t mentioned in your infographic that How much Juice is consumed by an average person per year in India..????

    Sakshi recently posted…Benefits of drinking WaterMy Profile

  3. we all know that the benefits of it and also know that the qualities of fruits….

  4. The infographic is well presented. It’s very interesting and informative indeed. Orange and apple fruits are the most popular fruits as they can also help in losing weight. No wonder they’re both top of the list. Thanks for sharing anyway! Great job!

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