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How to Use Social Media for Internet Marketing?

You have more than 1000 friends on Facebook.

About 500 followers on Twitter.

Nearly 400 LinkedIn connections.

Just a bit over 700 circled friends on Google Plus.

And you are aware of a term like Social Media Marketing.

But do not know the basic concept behind it.

If this is the case with you, it is about time you started using social media profiles to promote your online business by applying the basics of Social Media Marketing.

What is Social Media Marketing (SMM)?

In simple terms, SMM refers to gaining website traffic through social media websites. It is primarily concerned with activities involving social sharing of content, pictures, videos, etc. for marketing purposes.

SMM Goals:

· Website Traffic

· Brand Awareness

· Creating a brand identity

· Setting up an interaction with the key audience

8 Tips for Effective Social Media Marketing

Here are 8 effective SMM tips which can help catapult your internet marketing efforts by leaps and bounds.



Tips which will ensure you enhanced visibility and a more impressive presence where it matters most to you by striking the right chords with your audience.

1. The More, the Better

The more social sites you share your content on, the better it is for Social Media Marketing. Try and build up your profile on all leading social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google Plus, Reddit, etc.

2. Build Up Your Followers

Twitter won’t help you much if you just have two followers. You need to expand your social circle. SMM will work effectively only when the product reaches as much audience as possible.

3. Content is King

Unique and informative content can really do wonders. If you share some interesting stuff with your audience, people will surely visit your link. If you’re just another boring writer, people will treat your links as spam.

Nothing, absolutely NOTHING at all can override the importance of posting unique, original and gripping content.

4. Planned Dedication

If you’re one of those who make new resolutions on every New Year eve, but get back to your normal life just after 10 days, it simply won’t work here. You need to have consistency in your writing and sharing.

Sharing 10 links a day and then being absent for next 30 days won’t do the job now.

5. Join the Conversations

No one will ever click on your links if you just share them, and do not even bother to reply to your followers’ messages, or comments on your post. These are social network sites and you need to have a social behavior.

No matter how busy you are, always keep some time for your audience.

6. Check Your Competitors

If you have followers who are into same business as you, and they share their links with you, you must surely check out their links. This will help you to know about the level of competition they may offer, and also keep you up to date with marketing strategies they’re using.

7. Track Your Success With Google Analytics

You need to keep a track on your visitor’s stats. Google Analytics will help you determine which social site is getting you maximum visitors which in turn will help you to decide your future plans.

Try to see which of these networks is getting you the best traffic and focus on it.

8. Be Patient, and Watch Your Business Grow

Everyone out there started with ground zero. And believe it or not, but you too will.

It might take you a little longer if you are raw and inexperienced but it will definitely yield results if you put in dedicated effort consistently. Just make a start, put in your efforts and you’ll come out with flying colors.


Keep these eight basic rules of social media marketing in mind all the time and you will soon be able to make the best of your presence on these sites by helping take your internet marketing and other businesses to the next level.

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  1. Hello Ambika,
    I liked the tips you have listed about the social media marketing. Especially the point that ‘content is king- unique and informative content can really do wonders.’ Thanks for the great post!!!
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  2. Hello Ambika,
    I really like your post.this is very informative and helpful to me and may be for others also. thanks for this great post.

    Regards hafeez baig

  3. Hello Ambika mam,
    If we active on social media and help others. This will eventually help me also to grow our business too.
    Thanks for SMM tips
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  4. Hi Ambika,

    You post is very informative for me..I too keep this tips while doing my SMM works..Thanks to share this post!!!!

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