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How to Speed Up Metabolism And Improve Digestion: 7 Simplest Tips

How to speed up metabolism and improve digestion and health is a question that bothers most people who are keen on weight loss as also those suffering from problems like acidity/ GERD/ acid reflux/ heartburn and halitosis (bad breath).
Suffering from any of the problems is a clear indication of the fact that your metabolism is not fast enough and that you need to take steps to improve it, even if you have not realized that.
Good health has a direct and strong correlation with a fast metabolism & good digestion. So, if you want to live a healthy and disease free life, read on to know how to speed up metabolism and improve digestion.

How to Speed Up Metabolism & Improve Digestion

Here are a few simple tips that will help you get rid of all your health problems caused by slow metabolism and poor digestion.

Rule #1: Take Smaller Bites

When you take smaller bites, you are more likely to chew your food better. Besides, you will eat lesser because it takes your brain about 20 minutes to know that the tummy is full. If you take huge bites, you are likely to continue eating even after you are not hungry anymore because your brain simply doesn’t know that! Take small bites

So, if weight loss is also in your agenda in addition to improved digestion, take smaller bites to allow the brain to correctly interpret the signals being sent to it by the stomach.
Put down your spoon/ fork in between bites so that you eat slowly. You will eat lesser and digest the food faster.

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Rule #2: Chew, Chew, Chew!!!

As a kid, I used to get annoyed when my mother gave me dirty looks for swallowing whole lumps of food (always in a hurry to go out and play). I now realize how right she was!
Chewing food 25 times might not be such a bad idea after all! As you chew on what you eat, you break down food into much small little pieces which increase the surface area on which the digestive enzymes are acting, thereby making it easy for your body to digest the stuff you put inside. Simple logic!Chew Chew Chew
My grandpa used to tell me- you have no teeth INSIDE your tummy. So, make the most of the ones in your mouth and make sure you grind your food to a pulp before you take it down the food pipe. How right he was!

This simple tip can help speed up metabolism and improve digestion.

Rule # 3: Have Enough of Hydrating Foods

Water and other fluids are essential for hydrating our body. Though most of what we ‘know’ about drinking water are mere myths and we have already shattered these myths about drinking water in a previous post, there is no denying that consuming insufficient fluids, particularly water can be a major cause of digestion related problems.More water, better digestion

Further, most people think that carbonated drinks, coffee and sweetened juices also serve the purpose of hydrating the body.
Nothing could be farther from truth.
The fact is that these drinks (particularly sodas and caffeinated beverages) contribute to acid production in the stomach and are a major cause of indigestion and acidity.
If you cannot give them up altogether, try to minimize their intake to speed up metabolism and improve digestion. Drinking natural fruit and vegetable juices, green tea and plain water, on the other hand, can be beneficial for your system.

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Rule #4: Increase Your Fiber Intake

A major cause of all our digestive problems is insufficient fiber intake. Consuming quick foods like biscuits, cookies, chips, instant noodles, etc. fast foods like burgers, pizzas, etc. and refined flours due to which we deprive our body of dietary fiber. A lack of fiber causes several digestion related problems like acidity, gas formation, constipation, anal fissures, irritable bowel syndrome, etc.

Best sources of fiber
Dietary fiber does not get absorbed by the body and helps the body get rid of metabolic wastes as it goes down the intestines.
Incorporate more of foods like:
• Beans, legumes and pulses
• Fresh fruits and vegetables. Include fruits and vegetables of all colors in your diet chart for better digestion and health.
• Dried fruits like figs, prunes and dates.
• Whole grains.
•Prefer unpolished, brown rice to white rice, brown bread to white bread and cut down on refined flour products like noodles, pasta, etc.

Besides, fiber is filling and eating fiber laden foods will make you feel ‘fuller’ with a smaller calorie intake.

Rule # 5: Include Probiotics

Our body needs some good bacteria, also called probiotics, to speed up metabolism, to aid the process of digestion and for better intestinal health. Most important probiotics for us are the Bifidobacterium bifidum and Lactobacillus acidophillus.

More probiotics: Better health
One of the richest sources of these probiotics we need is yogurt. Greek yogurt, organic yogurt, drinkable yogurt, etc.- the choices are huge and you can pick the one you relish most to improve digestion.
To know more about the benefits of yogurt, refer to our previous post.

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Rule # 6: Exercise Regularly

Sedentary lifestyles are also to be blamed for our poor metabolism & digestive health.

Exercising mildly 4-5 days a week for 30-40 minutes helps tremendously. It also helps keep the levels of blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol under control.
Exercising stimulates the contractions in the intestines and thus helps reduce symptoms of chronic constipation, IBS and similar other problems.Exercise for better digestion
A more active lifestyle also causes better absorption of nutrients and better elimination of toxic wastes from the body.
Exercising once in a while is not enough to improve digestion. You have to set up a regular workout routine

Rule #7: Don’t Eat When You Are on the Run

This, according to me, is the major cause of all our digestive problems and disorders. Most of us have time for anything and everything except for eating properly.

Sit and eat.
My son, for instance, can spend hours playing those silly Facebook games or listening to jarring music but cannot ‘waste’ 10-15 minutes to eat his food properly. At his age, this might not be enough to cause him digestive disorders but I am sure that cannot be ruled out if does not change his eating habits.
A problem with grown-ups is reading the newspaper or attending endless phone calls during the meals, all of which are bad for your digestion.
Relishing the sight of good food, smelling it, tasting it and enjoying each morsel- all of these aid in better digestion.

Grabbing a sandwich while on the run or munching on some chips to ‘kill’ appetite can play havoc with your digestion.
You could make meal times more pleasant by putting on some light music and lighting some scented candles.


Listed above are 7 simple tips which can help you speed up metabolism and improve digestion.
Even if these tips seem to be too commonsensical and too simple to be of any use, try implementing them for a minimum of two weeks to see how much better you feel!
Here’s wishing all my readers a healthier and happier life, because now they know how to speed up metabolism and improve digestion.

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  1. Thanks for the wonderful tips <3
    Bookmarking write away. Anyway any tip to increase height? I'm 16 5'6 and not growing any more since a year or so. Helo out.

  2. Dear Admin,

    I landed upon your article”How to Speed Up Metabolism And Improve Digestion: 7 Simplest Tips”from google, Actually i am doing a research work on”Improving Digestion”,found your article useful for my research work. Actually i was looking for more related articles on your blog but unfortunately didnt find anymore of it.Hope read more related articles in coming days…I will keep following your blog till then

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  3. really a good article for everyone …like the 7th point,it applies on me…..
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    • Ambika Choudhary Mahajan

      Haha, Himanshu! That holds good for most of us. Most of us need to sit down and eat in a relaxed manner. We can save time elsewhere. The problem is we don’t realize the importance of doing so. :)

  4. Very informative post! It’s so important to take the time out and give our bodies what it deserves! Thank you for sharing this!

    JoLynn Braley
    The F.A.T. Release Coach

  5. Thanks! I do face indigestion problem on-and-off and I’d like to keep reading about ways to keep my digestive system up-and-running! I can easily mark your article as a quick read for smart tips on digestion problems.

  6. “No teeth INSIDE your tummy” – Makes sense! LOL! I used to swallow big lumps of food too but now I know better. If I chew and eat slowly, I feel full a lot quicker. Of course, I don’t forget to drink my water everyday for better digestion.

  7. Basically first class site, thank you for this post. Informational blog for people suffering from stomach disorders or general stomach problems. digestion help, stomach help, IBS, SIBO, stomach support As most people with stomach disorders already know it takes time to recover from any condition. The best ways to help most people is by what diet they are on. There are so many recommended diets out there that for people it can become confusing which to follow. I myself and other people I know have attempted almost every diet out there. So here are some simple tops to look for when picking a diet.

  8. Another interesting tip can be to use foods that boost up metabolism like : Pepper, drinking emblica juice ( amla ras ) and having proper food less on fat :D
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  9. Hi Ambika,

    Pretty useful points, It’s well known fact that if we eat our food slowly and chew it properly then our metabolism and digestion will improve. It’s really essential that we eat our food in a relaxed mood and give proper time. I mean eating while watching T.V or doing any other activities is not ideal at all.
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  10. Great article!! One thing I didn’t see mentioned was to increase the number of meals eaten daily. Taking what you eat in a typical day and dividing it up into 5-6 small meals will keep your metabolism running at maximum levels. Also, adding a muscle building component to an exercise plan will increase your metabolic rate as muscle will burn 3 times more calories than fat (according to WedMD).

  11. Thanks for the wonderful tips

  12. In just a few weeks, you can begin seeing your Automatic Sixpack begin to appear. Simply by putting in the effort, you can reach these goals in no time at all through perseverance and difficult work everyday. Remember to do a balanced workout and to also eat a healthy diet. You will feel great, look great, and have impressive Automatic sixpack on your stomach like never before. To your success!

  13. Hi Ambika,

    Great tips but the yogurt must be live to be of any benefit. So many commercial brads have been pasteurized to the point where there is no bateria left in them or if they add probiotics afterward then the strains are too weak to make any difference.

    Kefir is a richer source of probiotic bacteria and other fermented foods like Kimchi are good too.

    Nice blog by the way.

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  14. Researchers suggest that the probiotics may combat the bad bacteria in our stomachs that cause gastrointestinal infections, constipation, diarrhea, ulcerative colitis, and irritable bowl disease. Probiotics can also improve absorption of vitamins.
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  15. Hello there,
    ÅIm a long time reader… first time poster. I felt that after reading and trying weight loss technics over the past couple years online and finally finding something that gave me some results. Although i wouldn’t really say I was “obese” per say, I was still not happy with the way I looked. I felt being 5’4 , that 140 lbs a little unhealthy, having said that, I began almost every crazy diet and workout routine that I could find online. All they did was make me feel like a failure when I missed a day of working out or having a piece of cake at a friends wedding. I regularly fluctuated between 135-140 lbs, a far cry from the 105 i was in high school. To make a long story short, I began feeling I was stuck in a weight-loss hamster wheel until I saw this segment on Dr. Oz about a year ago (heres the actual segment on youtube ) about this green coffee bean extract. Initially it went in one ear and out the other, until one day i was browsing online and saw a site that was giving away a risk free trial ( ‘ill list the site in my sig so i don’t feel like a pill pusher lol) I though to myself after all the time and cash i invested in other diet programs what did i have to lose? Well I received the free trial about a week after I order it, one of the boasts was I didn’t have to do any crazy workouts or live off raw veggies and water. The way it works is it speeds up your metabolism. At first it was slow, I lost about 2 lbs a week. After I lost about 10 lbs I downloaded a calorie counter on my iphone, and within 90 days, I was down to 120 lbs , and just last month I reached my goal of 115 yay me :) Anyway, sorry to ramble, but I hope that someone finds some inspiration in my journey the same way I have… Good luck everyone ;)

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