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How to Hide/ Block Facebook Friends without Removing Them From Friends List?

Want to know how to hide people from Facebook without unfriending them?

If you are reading this, I am sure you have friends on Facebook whom you cannot offend by removing them off your Friends’ list but whose frequent status updates and incoherent  or non-stop rantings irritate you every time you check your wall.

Yes, there are certain people like your colleagues at work or family members whom you would not want to think of you as ‘high-headed’ if you remove them from your list altogether but whom you don’t love too much for spamming your wall.

Well, you will be glad to know that you can actually hide the posts of all these annoying Facebook friends from your wall without them knowing it.

Read on to learn this simple trick.

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How to Hide/ Block Facebook Friends without Unfriending Them?

Whenever you see a post from a person whose status updates you want to stop getting, click the small downward pointing arrow at the upper right hand corner of that particular update.


As you click on that arrow, you will see a drop down menu.

Select “I don’t want to see this”.

Also, make sure you “Unfollow” the person in question.


Doing so makes sure that you will not GET any more status updates from the person whose status you have marked in this manner.

They will continue to see YOUR status updates even after you have ‘unfollowed’ them and told Facebook that you don’t want posts similar to the ones you just marked.

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If you further want to disable this person from sending you any messages in future, you can do that too.

If you do go ahead with that as well, the person thus specified by you will virtually cease to exist for you on Facebook and you will not get any status updates from him/ her in your Newsfeed nor any messages from them in future without their knowing so.

Since they continue to get YOUR status updates and news about your activities, they will not be able to know that you have ‘blocked’ them!!

To stop getting messages from such friends on Facebook list, go to the Chat Options at the lower right hand corner of your Facebook page and click on this star:


Select “Advanced Options” from the drop down menu.


Fill in the name of the unwanted friends here.


And you’re done!

By following these simple steps, you can hide certain people on your Friends list without unfriending them.

Do let us know if this simple tutorial helped you.

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  1. Thank you I will be sure to share this with my Facebook friends as I’m sure I’m annoying the hell out of some of them right now with my constant rants on anti-fracking, our government, floods and lots more :D x
    Denise Patton recently posted…Happy Valentines Day … Roses are Purple … Hmmm …My Profile

  2. Hi Ambika,

    I am finding myself having to unfriend some negative people from my life but some I don’t care to unfriend but others I would much rather block them. This is a good alternative! Thanks for sharing. Glad to see you back in action. :-)

  3. I have hidden may ‘friends’ from my FB new feed. Don’t know where I found out about this, but wish I’d found it much sooner. Thanks for sharing and showing the screen shots – makes it easy to follow and hide!

  4. Great idea you have here. A good way not to hurt feelings along the way! :)

  5. Ambika,

    Helpful stuff here. It’s good to know how to move folks out of your stream without removing them from your friend list.

    Ryan Biddulph recently posted…1 Minute Video: 5 Phone Tips for Online EntrepreneursMy Profile

  6. Hi ambika,
    great research indeed. Thanks for sharing this awesome content. :)
    I will make sure to visit again for more updates.

    have a great day. :)
    nikhil ganotra recently posted…A Little Guide To Write E-book In Just 20 Days.My Profile

  7. Thanks for this great helpful and informative post. I really like this post.
    regards hafeez baig

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