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How to Get Whatsapp For PC- Steps For Whatsapp Free Download

Want to get whatsapp for pc?

Well, that is simply a wonderful idea!

What is Whatsapp Online?

Whatsapp messenger is a cool mobile messaging app which is extremely popular among those for whom texting is a way of life! Whatsapp online app which is available for Android based phones, iPhones, Blackberry and Windows based phones allows users to share text messages, videos, pictures and also audio messages with each other without having to pay any sms charges.

whatsapp messenger

The best thing about this app is that you can send messages to anyone in any corner of the world using your internet data plan which you use for surfing the internet and for checking emails at a fraction of the cost which you would need to incur earlier if you were to send an sms message to some friend or relative in another country.

What is more, you can create groups where you can interact with a number of friends or family members at the same time! Awesome whatsapp emoticons make th conversations all the more fun and zappy, making this form of messaging hugely popular. So much so that regular sms senders like me now find those boring plain text messages so passé`.

Why You Need Whatsapp For PC?

The only limitation with this form of messaging is that it is available only on comparatively higher end cell phones- Android based ones, Blackberries, iPhones and Windows based ones, as mentioned earlier thus depriving all those who do not possess these costly phones of all the fun!

Well, the good news is that you can now download whatsapp messenger on your pc without having to loosen your purse strings or buying another, costlier phone just to be able to stay in touch with your loved ones.

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How to Get Whatsapp For PC?

Here is what you need to do to get whatsapp for pc.

Use the simple instructions below to get whatsapp download for your computer.

Blue stack is a free software which allows you to download any android app on your pc. The best part about it is that Blue stack works fine for both Mac and Windows based computers.

Simply click on this link below and install it to get the amazing android whatsapp right on your computer screen.


free download whatsapp for pc


Having done that, you can cut down your sms bill charges and pep up your text messages with lovely whatsapp emoticons without having to press tiny buttons on your cell phone, even if you do have a handset which is whatsapp enabled.

This is what you get to see when you click on this link:

Run Mobile Apps on Windows PC or Mac with BlueStacks


Choose your operating system and finish the download. It does take a while to get processed. I had to wait for about 20 minutes too, inspite of a very fast internet connection. But, I assure you that it is worth the wait!

Just follow the instructions if you want to enjoy this wonderful app without the need to change your mobile phone.

With this whatsapp free download, you can now make sure that you are never out of reach for your friends and acquaintances, no matter which part of the world you are in if you have an internet data plan.

Wishing you lots of fun at texting with whatsapp for pc.

I do have an android based phone. And a 5 inch phablet at that. But using whatsapp on pc is much more fun. :D

Good bye to small buttons on your cell phone. And to all the typos you made while texting. Now, you have a full keyboard at your disposal!

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Could it get any better than this?
The only problem with downloading whatsapp on pc is that you can run it EITHER on your pc or your cell phone at a time. When I downloaded it first a few days back, I got greedy and enjoyed this cool app on my laptop for a while. But then, you can not carry your laptop with you wherever you go, unlike your cell phone. Every time I wanted to sign back from my handset, I would have to go through the cumbersome verification process, due to which I finally gave up using whatsapp on computer.

Do share your experiences with us if you are enjoying whatsapp download! :)


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  1. Awesome… Thnks and Bluestacks Really Rocks….

  2. I was more than happy to search out this net-site.I wanted to thank you to provide this information!! I undoubtedly enjoying each little little info of this post and I bookmarked you to take a look at new stuff you weblog post in future…!!
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  3. it’s not working in my pc :(
    kuldeep recently posted…How to Unblock websites by FreegateMy Profile

  4. Can anyone help me out to install Whatsapp in iPhone for free?

  5. This is great Ambika, but I just don’t like it because of the reason you mentioned at the end. It’s cumbersome to go through the verification process again.

    • Thanks, Malhar. I am honored to see you visit the blog.
      Whatsapp for pc is basically for people who do not have cell phones which support this form of messaging. I too thought I’d be able to log in at both the devices when I downloaded the entire software from bluestacks. And messaging from the laptop keyboard Aand being able to use those lovely emoticons was simply too cool!! :)
      But then I saw that I was unable to do log in from my cell phone. And I thought that I MUST share that too with my readers so that they do not go through the entire process of downloading it like me, only to uninstall it later.

  6. Wow awesome, i was thinking about it, is it possible or not? btw thanks

  7. Thanks for sharing the post!!
    Bluestacks is the best software to run android applications on your desktop and whatsapp is the mostly used by the android users to chat which is very effective..So download bluestacks and no need to buy a android device.

  8. It worked but is there any way with the Virtual Box too? Let me know please. Thanks. :)
    Pawan recently posted…Samsung Galaxy Note 8 AnnouncedMy Profile

  9. Ok, this is something new for me. I never thought this can be done. Thanks for the share.
    Hang Tuah recently posted…Kampung Morten – A Living Museum In the Middle of Melaka townMy Profile

  10. Whatsapp is a cool app. Nice way to stay connected to people that matters — no matter what part of the world they’re in. Thanks for sharing this.

    • Definitely, Joy.
      What I love most about Whatsapp is the cool emoticons they have to pep up the messages. I’m sure you like them too! :)
      Besides, of course the option of being in touch with loved ones in all parts of the world.

  11. Stacey@executive business coaching

    Wow. Nice to know there are still good apps out there that are for free =) Thanks for the share.

  12. I’ve been hearing about Whatsapp from some of my friends; but, somehow, I keep forgetting to look it up. Thanks for this article. Now, I won’t forget to download it on my pc.

  13. a great article and lots of thanks you ambika.Its really a need of we all young generation to connect with the world through text chating.

  14. nice share ambika. i don’t think that whatsapp will make a application for pc users. thanks for share.

  15. once again i landed on your site from Google as i Lost This Tutoria.. :p Thanks Again.. :)

  16. Thank u for ths i was find whats apps for the pc and finally find thank u Ambika G

  17. Hey Ambika,
    I do not have android in my phone. I am using Micromax gravity phone. I downloaded bluestacks, but after few steps when i reached till “Invite your friend” step it gives me message as “Sorry you may not have email client on this phone”. I really don’t know why it is happening. Can you help me in that? Thanks in advance.

    • I am sorry, Swapnil. I’ll have to look into the matter. I uninstalled it from my laptop when I discovered that I can not sign in from both my pc and my handheld device at the same time.
      I’ll reinstall it on my pc and get back to you with the answer to your question. :)
      Thanks for visiting us!

  18. it’s would be nice if this application can run in both way mean that on pc and cell phone..

  19. @Ambika, will this method work with Windows Xp ? i meant service pack 2 !

  20. Really awesome tutorial and as always an awesome tutorial on My magicmix.Bluestacks is great but now you can use IntelAppup tool too to download Whatsapp on pc.
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