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How to Get Soft, Sexy, Beautiful Lips?

If you want to know how to get sexy, soft, beautiful, lustrous and kissable lips, read these wonderful tips which can help you get those with a little care at home.

Most women spend a fortune on cosmetic products and on looking good without realizing how having healthy looking lips with a natural sheen can enhance their overall appearance.

Here are some super easy tips and home remedies which you need to follow to get soft, beautiful lips!

How to Get Soft, Sexy, Beautiful Lips- Tips and Home Remedies

Simple and time tested tips and home remedies here for you:

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Day Care for Lips

Keep your lips well hydrated all day. That is essential because lips, unlike the rest of the skin, do not contain any oil glands and depend totally on external sources for lubrication.

Whenever your lips feel dry and parched, reapply the balm. That might mean applying it 4-5 times a day. Do not lick the lips to moisten them when they feel dry. The saliva only dries them more than before in a few minutes and also makes them look lusterless.

Use a lip balm to ensure that lips stay well hydrated.

It is of utmost importance to choose the lip balm very carefully.

  • Opt for a lip balm that contains cocoa butter, shea butter, olive oil or coconut oil.
  • Read the ingredients listed thereon to make sure you are not allergic to any of them.
  • As far as possible, pick up a balm that contains no chemicals and is nature-based. If that seems unavoidable, pick up one with the minimal amount of chemicals. That is because some percentage of whatever you apply on your lips is bound to land inside your tummy and it would be good not to ingest too many chemicals.
  • Avoid lip balms which are flavored, scented or colored. Not only will they contain chemicals in most cases (even if they claim to be vegetable or fruit based) but can also trigger off a chemical reaction or an allergy.

In winters when the cold air is drying and can cause chapped lips, it I best to avoid any cosmetic products and opt for olive oil instead. Totally chemical free. A lip balm would still be great to have around to carry in a handbag when you are on the move.

Apply aloe vera gel once a day. It helps take the tan off and repairs chapped, burnt, cracked lips. Instead of opting for an off-the-shelf product, I use the gel off the plant I have grown in a small pot on my tiny terrace. Extremely cost effective and very useful.

This is most important if you want to have soft, beautiful lips.

Lipstick Do’s and Don’ts

Apply a thin layer of lip balm before using a lipstick or a lip gloss.

Wear a moisturizing lipstick. Here again, check the ingredients to make sure they contain a moisturizing agent like shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil or olive oil.


Also, do not apply matte lipsticks too often- they are very drying and cause ugly, unsightly cracks over the lips with prolonged usage. If you must use matte lipsticks, apply a little lip balm before slathering on the lip color.

Do not pick up lipsticks from cheap brands indiscriminately just to save a few bucks on that.

Finally, avoid sharing lipsticks with friends, colleagues, mom or sisters. You could be passing on an infection or risk getting one by doing so.

“Avoid parabens and fragrance, which can be irritating. Also, if you tend to get chapped lips, you may need to avoid camphor and menthol, super-aromatic ingredients that can dry your lips. Instead, look for ingredients that help lips hold on to moisture. These include glycerin, mineral oil, aloe, lactic acid, and sorbitol. Lanolin and beeswax both soften lips instantly.” says Ranella Hirsch, MD, a Boston dermatologist.        (Source: WebMD)

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Sun Protection

For all women who want to know how to get soft, beautiful, sexy lips, here is another useful tip which most of them might not have considered till now.

Whether it is the lipstick or a lip balm, choose products which contain a sun screen with SPF 30 or more to protect your lips from sun damage.

You might not have ever realized that your lips are prone to damage from sun as much as the other parts of your body. Make sure to protect your lips from sunburn as well when you venture outside under the scorching sun.

If you do have sunburnt lips, apply aloe vera gel.

Night Care Regime

Make sure to apply all traces of lipstick or other make up that you might have applied earlier using some baby oil or moisturizing lotion. Sleeping with a lipstick on can be really bad for the lips.

Apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly or baby oil before retiring to bed. That will help heal mildly chapped lips and also act as an intense moisturizer which keeps your lips supple all night.


Exfoliating, Scrubbing and Conditioning

While most women take care to exfoliate and scrub the skin on the face and other parts of the body, they do not seem to be bothered about exfoliating the lips. Infact, quite a lot of women were surprised to hear about the idea of exfoliating lips when asked what they did for scrubbing dead skin off them as a part of the survey.

“Turning over those epidermal cells can help stimulate new collagen, which somewhat slows down the aging process of the lips,” says Neil Sadick, MD, a dermatologist.                                          (Source: WebMD)

Here are some wonderful, easy homemade scrubs for lips

Honey-sugar scrub: Take half a teaspoon of honey and add a few grains of not very coarse sugar to it. Now, rub it on your lips in gentle, circular motions for 30 seconds or so while taking care not to overdo it. Use it once a week.

Lemon-sugar scrub: if you have too much dead skin on your lips, you would do better to squeeze half a lemon and add a few grains of sugar to it and use then in the same manner as the honey-sugar scrub mentioned above.

Do not use exfoliants like salt unless you have very oily lips because that can have a very drying effect.

Avoid scrubbing your lips using toothbrushes as well, no matter how soft your brush is. A little extra pressure can make your lips sore or cause bleeding later.

Use aloe vera gel on lips at least twice a week.

Applying glycerin mixed with an equal amount of rose water also helps heal chapped lips. It is also good for moisturizing. Apply it once or twice a week for best results.

Apply almond oil once or twice a week before dozing off. That will impart a healthy glow to the lips and also make them look deliciously pink and soft.

These tips will help you in your quest to get soft, beautiful lips.

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Lifestyle Changes

If you are really keen to have luscious, sexy lips, you should also be willing to make a few changes in your lifestyle and habits to get them:

  • Consume sufficient fluids. Try to drink 5-8 glasses everyday depending upon you requirement. That will be good for the entire skin and not just lips.
  • Add lots of fruits and vegetables to your diet. Vitamins B, C and E are particularly good for the skin. Make up for the deficiency, if at all, by taking supplements.
  • Do not lick the lips too often. As mentioned earlier, that only causes further drying.
  • Do not bite the lips. That causes cracking. In extreme cases, they might even cause sores and call for medical intervention. Besides, it makes them very dry and cause ugly peel like flakes to appear if carried on for too long.


Here were our tips to get the most desirable lips.

If you have any more tips and home remedies and know how to get soft, sexy, beautiful lips, please share those tips with our readers.

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