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How to Delete a Facebook Page Permanently?

Here is a step by step tutorial for those who want to know how to delete a Facebook page permanently.

Many might be wondering why I/ you created a page which you would want to delete later?

Well, there could be so many reasons for that.

I had a Facebook page for my old blog but when I discontinued with it, I obviously did not want the page I had created by that name though it had more than 1600 genuine likes on it.

Not only, that, at times, a page started with the best of intentions and great enthusiasm might not get you the response you had hoped or wished for. In such a case, you would obviously want to know how to delete your Facebook page.

I, for instance, created a page for my college thinking it would help reunite old friends and acquaintances. Since I am perpetually short of time, I failed to post regular content on it or even to interact with the 50 odd people who had joined the page in about six months.

Every time I saw that page among the list of “Pages you manage”, I would want to know how to delete my Facebook page permanently?

I fiddled with the settings for some time and managed to delete that particular page which had become a source of great annoyance for me- it reminded of something I had started but not pursued with enough vigor. So, I just deleted that page some 2 months back.

Only yesterday, a friend of mine who had accidentally ended up creating two pages by the same name, asked me if I could help him in deleting one of them.

As I guided him over the phone, I thought of writing a tutorial for the benefit of all those who have wanted to delete a Facebook page but do not know how to proceed.

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How to Delete Facebook Page?

Here is a step by step tutorial that will help you to delete Facebook fan/ brand name page for good

1.  Log in to your Facebook profile.

2.  In the top right corner, you see a small star/ flower like icon. See this from the picture below.

Deleting Facebook page



3.  As you left click over that star, you will see various options under the “Use Facebook As”. Under this will be mentioned the names of all the pages you own or are an admin of:

How to delete a facebook page .1


4.  Click on the page you want to delete permanently to land on it. Since I have no pages I would want to delete at present, I am clicking on my blog’s fan page: My Magic Mix. As I do so, I reach my page.

5.  Click on the “Edit Page” option on the top of the page here:


delete facebook page


6.  As you left click on “Edit Page”, you see a drop down menu as shown below. Again, left click on the “Edit Settings Option”.


deleting a facebook page


7.  See the “Delete My Magic Mix” option at the bottom of the page:


How to delete a Facebook page


8.  As you left click on this option, you will again be asked if you want to delete the page permanently?


deleting facebook page


9.  Clicking on “Delete Page” option will help you delete Facebook page forever.

10.  After you have deleted your page, the action is irrevocable (can not be undone/ is permanent). Earlier, Facebook gave you the option to get your fan page/ brand name back within 14 days but that option is not available anymore due to which you must be very careful while deleting Facebook page.


I hope the detailed instructions given here will help you delete a Facebook page you have wanted to do away for a long time.

We hope you were successfully able to delete Facebook page using these instructions.
All those who were unable to get success with deleting Facebook page can please write to us. We will try to help you in every possible way we can!


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About Ambika Choudhary Mahajan

Hi, I am Ambika. A hands-on, stay at home mom (by choice) to two cheeky devils. I am a freelance writer and eBook author turned blogger. Connect with me on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to get regular updates.


  1. Thanks for sharing this detailed steps and process

  2. Hi Ambika,

    Always a helpful tutorial here, because many of us are trying to set up new Pages and delete old pages ;) I myself, even though I wish to shut down a few from time to time, hold on to my accounts as it seems people still actually check these feeds from time to time.

    Thanks for sharing!


  3. Nice Ttips I will filter extra pages now. So I can easily delete pages. Thanks for Sharing

  4. Hi Ambika,

    The post sounds unnecessary at first. I was wondering why anyone would love to delete some pages created in Facebook. Why could he not just ignore the page, but yes you’ve very rightly clarified. When I have two pages with same name, I’d definitely wish to delete one.

    Your step by step procedure is made much clearer to follow with the illustration. A handy tutorial when needed. Thanks for the effort!

    • Well, Suresh. There are pages to which you are not able to devote enough time inspite of having created them with great enthusiasm initially. I had two such pages myself. Every time I would look at them, I would feel bad for not having done justice to them.
      I guess it would not be be a bad idea to delete such pages altogether.

  5. Hi Ambika ma’am

    Great Share!

    i think this post is Quite helpful for those bloggers who doesn’t know how to delete permanently Facebook fanpage or Newbies.! thanks for Writing :)

    Keep updating and Stay Rocking :P ;)


    • Hi Mosam, Glad to see you here!
      Yea, this post was meant for bloggers and everyone else who want to delete a few pages they created earlier but dont want to be reminded of every now and then.:)
      Hope you dont have any such pages…:D :P

  6. Hello Ambika ma’am,

    Great tutorial. It will be helpful for many people.
    As Suresh said, at first I thought why can’t someone just ignore a page that he/she manages and dump it aside, but after reading your point, it seemed very much logical.

  7. I guess it is not a good idea to delete fanpages. I suggest to merge them instead. In the end you saved people who used to follow you and give them some updates about your business that they might be intersted. If those are genuine likes then that’s a pasitive points.

  8. Hi Ambika,

    Good Explained , Again, i am back on your blog. actually i didn’t know about it. now we can delete any page of the Facebook. and i think it will be helpful for those people who don’t know about it. really i must say that you are helpful blogger.thanks for sharing about the Permanently delete pages.

  9. Hi Ambika

    Now-a-days there are very less number of sites with tutorials and mostly webmasters are writing reviews and news stuff etc.

    Before reading this post I really was unaware of the fact that facebook page can be deleted. If a facebook page is useless for you then it should be properly deleted or disposed off to avoid any misuse of that page.


  10. Hey Ambika,
    Nice step by step update about facebook page sure it will be useful for upcoming newbie bloggers they might struggle in the beginning for deleting the page which would been created wrongly or misspelled one

  11. This post didn’t only teach me how to delete a page but also reminded me to delete some pages i don’t have use for any more on Facebook, Thanks for sharing such a detailed article.

  12. thanks for sharing info about it ambika, i highly appreciate it. i created an FB PAGE for my forex website but since i can no longer maintain another site, i deleted my forex site and focused on my make money online site. i will delete my fb page for forex site..

  13. Thanks for sharing nice tutorial, can remove few page which i created, and now it is useless..
    Abhishek kumar jha recently posted…What database actually FACEBOOK uses?My Profile

  14. In this blog that are show that Yes I suggest to merge them instead. In the end you saved people who used to follow you and give them some updates about your business that they might be interested. If those are genuine likes then that’s a positive points.
    fawad recently posted…Gandhara University Peshawar KPK AdmissionsMy Profile

  15. Hello Amibika,

    From a long time I was searching for the option to delete the Facebook page and here i found it. Thanks for this well descriptive post.
    Sugam Kumar recently posted…Honda Mobilio MPV Full Specifications and Price in IndiaMy Profile

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