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How to Look Thinner in Photographs- 10 Awesome Tips & Tricks

Looking thinner and slimmer is high on almost everyone’s wish list these days.

Though I am not a size-zero aspirant (as I have mentioned on so many previous occasions), I’d definitely want to put my best forward when I’m getting myself clicked. After all, who wants to have a picture which adds inches to your frame instead.

Sedentary lifestyles and unhealthy eating habits have taken a heavy toll on physical fitness and obesity is on the rise. And instead of looking for ways to deal with the problems which are causing bulkier bodies, most of us seem to be looking for the easier ways out.

Tips & Tricks to Help You Look Thinner in Photos & Pictures

Well, though we firmly believe that merely looking slimmer or thinner will not help, we are sharing with you a few tips and tricks which can help you look much ‘smaller’ in pictures/photographs:

How to look thinner in photos

  1. Never stand facing the camera. I do not mean to suggest that you should stand with your back to it. But what definitely helps is standing sideways so that the hips are to the side. Make sure that your widest parts (whether it is your chest or hips, chest or the tummy) is twisted away from the photographer.
  2. Whether you are sitting or standing, maintain a good posture. Stand or sit straight without slouching. That not only takes away a few inches from your height but also creates extra bulges along your stomach, causing you to look fatter than you probably are. Hunching is probably the worst thing you could do for a not-so-perfect picture.
  3. If you are generously endowed, make sure to cover your precious assets before you strike a pose. You will have to be more careful if you are wearing a skimpy outfit which will reveal your hitherto hidden bulges. It is best to cover up the unsightly parts to look thinner.
  4. If you feel that your face is too ‘heavy’ and makes you look bulkier or fatter than you are, don’t look straight at the camera. Go for the side pose to look thinner.
  5. If you have a massive double chin which you do not like to be showing in the pictures, draw a deep breath inside before the snap has been clicked that will help lift the double chin. Also, look up or straight at the camera. Do not bend your face downwards- that will only make the chin more prominent and noticeable.How to look slimmer in pictures
  6. If you have flabby upper arms, NEVER ever stand with your arms pressed against the body. That can only make you look fatter in the upper torso as well. Stand, instead, in a manner that your arms are drawn away from the body. You could rest your arms on the hips to make sure that there is some space between the upper arms and the torso.
  7. If you have thunderous thighs, do not make the blunder of sitting with your thighs crossed. Doing so will help draw attention towards the layers of cellulite when someone looks at your photos. To look slimmer, sit with your legs straight. You can try crossing the legs at the ankles, but never at the thighs.
  8. Make effective use of props. You could use a large handbag to hide an unsightly paunch or peep from behind a large pillar that helps hide your torso or cover up your thighs at the beach under a strategically placed towel.
  9. Try hiding behind other people when you are in a group to make yourself look thinner. Standing at the back in a group will make the ones closer to the camera look bigger, causing you to look slimmer in comparison besides, of course, helping you hide behind others.
  10.  Put on a beautiful, radiant smile. The face is usually the first thing anyone looks at while seeing a photograph. A cheerful expression helps draw attention from the body, thereby helping you look thinner than you actually are.


Using these 10 tips and tricks, you can look thinner and slimmer in your photographs. If you have any more tips which you have used successfully to hide unsightly bumps and lumps, do share them with us.

The next time you see a camera, you do not have to run away from it. Put on your best smile and SAY CHEESE….

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