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Free Data Recovery Software For Your Gadgets

Gadgets like computers, watches, mobile phones, laptops, etc. have become a part and parcel of our daily lives. Most of us store valuable data and details about our personal life, businesses, and jobs on such gadgets.

As such, losing any data or important information accidentally or due to a gadget/ device getting corrupted can spell disaster. Such accidents, though not common, can happen to anyone at any time. Deletion of the data in the usual way in the personal computers is reversible but in case of bulk data removal, it gets difficult to get back all your data.

To help deal with such accidental loss of data, we have data recovery free software which allows us to get back all your lost data with considerable ease.

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Free Data Recovery Software

There are plenty of softwares which are available online today for the purpose mentioned above. With a little effort, one can find the one which is expected to give the best results under the given circumstances.

The better ones offer a lots many more features. They make the process of recovering data easy and are user friendly even for a non-techie. Anyone with working computer skills can recover lost data following a few simple instructions within a few minutes.

free data recovery software easeUS

One such software is the EaseUS Data Recovery Solution.


Features of the EaseUS Data Recovery Software

Some popular and high quality softwares available today come with features like recovering data in a variety of cases such as partition loss, deleting, improper operation, formatting etc. They then help recover all the images, documents, email, audio files, etc.

The EaseUS Data Recovery Solution too helps perform quick, safe and complete recovery of lost data within a few clicks.

Those who are struggling with data loss issues can get this effective software download from their website. One of the best features of this software is that it can help recover data from mobile phones, USB drives, memory card, personal computers, digital camera, etc. with equal ease. The data can be recovered in case of drive damage, virus attack, software crash, partition loss accidental losses etc.

Three Recovery Modes

There are three recovery modes by which you can get back all your lost data. These are customized and designed in such a way that it can help you in retrieving data in different scenarios of the data loss. These three recovery modes are

· Deleted file recovery by which you can recover all your original files with their paths and names

· Partition recovery by which you can recover your data due to lots of partition

· Complete recovery by which you can recover your data from virus attack, formatting, power off etc.

Besides that, there are many other features which any user can avail of with the free version of this software. Simply download data recovery software from a trusted website to get your precious lost data back. You might want to switch to the premium version to avail of certain premium features and other lifelong benefits.

Please write to us if you found this article useful and you were able to retrieve lost data with the help of the software mentioned above.

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  1. hello ambika
    thiis is nice post to recovery the data from secondary devices when they are corrupted. thank you.
    i struggled a lot when my hard disk is corrupted to get back data from that.. this is very much useful in daily life.

  2. Ambika,
    If you have already lost all your data, can you still recover it using these apps? Or is this more of a preventative measure?
    Sid Jobs recently posted…Risk When Hiring Sales PeopleMy Profile

  3. Wow this is cool… I will try this software for sure. I was Recuva before this..

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