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Find Out Who Viewed Your Profile-Best Facebook Profile Tracker Apps

Most of us would like to know who visited (or rather, peeped into) our Facebook profiles but are unable to do so.

It is obvious that you started reading this because you too would want to check out the same.

I have, at various points of time, come across various apps which promised me that they would allow me to do so. Out of curiosity, I installed some of these apps which promised to check profile visitors on Facebook.

 Know who viewed your profile

And today, I will share my experience with app for Facebook profile views !!!

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Want to Find Out Who Viewed Your Profile?

Most of us would want to know if classmates are checking our pictures, whether parents are peeping into our accounts and whether the various ex-es are trying to keep track of what we have been upto. As a student, you might be curious to check if your teachers are keeping a check on you while the bosses would want to know about app for Facebook profile views to see what his employees are writing about him on their respective walls.

Popular Facebook profile tracker apps

It was possible to know about the visitors to certain social networking sites like Orkut in the past. MySpace and LinkedIn still allow you to do so. Facebook, however, does not allow its users to check out that.

No inbuilt features in Facebook allow users to know who viewed your profile.

Know who viewed your profile

Here are a few I have tried out in the past. You might want to try out some of these. Completely upto you!

Best Known Who Views Your Facebook Profile App

Here are some of the best known and most popular ‘who views your Facebook profile’ app.


This is an add-on developed by one of my favorite browsers, Mozilla Firefox. It rubbishes Faceboook’s claims saying that it is impossible for users to check profile visitors on Facebook.

All the users are required to do is download this add on. No filling out of survey forms, no sending out invites to friends.

In short, no nonsense at all. It promises to tell you who viewed your profile, even if they are not added to your friends’ list.

iFamebook- Who views your facebook profile app

The only 2 limitations are:
1. Only for Firefox users, and

2. The visitors to your profile must have iFamebook too.

Since it was a Mozilla add-on (I have used it ever since I started using the internet) and there was no chance of being scammed, I tried this app too to know ‘who viewed your profile’ . I did see a few names as well. But since not all the stalkers on profile are likely to have iFamebook as well, I was not sure whether I was being able to see the complete picture.


This is another add-on which is available for both, the Internet Explorer and the Mozilla Firefox.

All 3.6+ versions of Firefox and 8+ versions of IE are compatible with this add-on. Installing this add-on gives you a sidebar in your browser which tells you about the people who are viewing your profile at that point of time, besides giving you the option to chat with them.

Whoislive- Facebook profile viewer application

Never tried this one. But I am yet to hear a favorable review about the accuracy of the results thus obtained.


This Facebook app allows you to install an ‘alarm’ to you profile which functions in much the same manner as your doorbell at home. Now if a visitor to your profile clicks on this doorbell you have installed to ‘peep in’, you will know.

Doorbell- Profile viewer app for Facebook

Inspite of having more than 40,000 active users at present, this is not something I liked.


This app, developed by John Arrow, helps you keep an eye on all those who have been stalking on your account. Though it has thousands of active users, most users believe it to be an ‘eyewash’ and say that it does not provide complete an accurate results.

Unfaced.com- App for facebook profile views

What made me place some credibility in this app was the fact that its developer, John Arrow, was banned by this most popular social networking site saying that he was trying to ‘violate’ the very principles on which the site is being run. This viewer app Facebook banned sure does evoke interest.

Why is it Virtually Impossible to Find out Who Viewed Your  Profile?

It is obvious that Mark Zuckerberg never wanted his users (in excess of one billion at present) to know about the stalkers, onlookers and peepers.

Facebook does not allow HTML anywhere on its site due to which it becomes nearly impossible for trackers and hackers to get to the bottom of a code which will allow its users to do so.

Infact, it has been stated in the Terms and Conditions in unambiguous terms that,

Applications cannot track profile visits for users who simply go to another person’s profile; Facebook has made this technically impossible. If an application claims to provide this functionality, you can report an application for abuse by going to the application’s About page and clicking Report Application at the bottom of the page.

Rules and policies like these make it virtually impossible for users to embed a tracking code to find out who views your profile.

Chances are that if you come across a profile viewer app for Facebook, you are being taken for a ride.

Most Facebook profile tracker apps will require you to mention your login and password and will then be able to have access to all your pictures, status updates, likes, comments friends and (depending upon their privacy settings) their activities.

With Facebook graph search, you need to be all the more careful of your activities, your LIKEs and your status updates, etc.

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Not only are you jeopardizing your privacy, you also run the risk of getting some deadly virus every time you download any such app.

Hackers and cyber criminals can use your account and password to spam your friends’ walls, send out multiple invites to events, send out links to porn sites, etc with your name and id. So much so for wanting to check out the people who are trying to spy upon you and trying to act smart!

If you fall prey to any such app simply out of curiosity, remember that you will have only yourself to blame.

I repeat that Facebook developers never wanted you as users to be able to check out who viewed your profile. And if you try anything that promises to enable you do that, you are violating the T & C of Facebook usage and also endangering yourself.

“Tread carefully” is all I can suggest to all my readers, so that curiosity does not get the better of you!

Happy Facebook-ing!!


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  1. i liked this only cause my friend ambika posted this one !!

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  2. Hi Ambika,
    Have you tried this app ? Did it helps you to check who has seen your profile ?
    Thank you
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    • No, Mark. I only tried iFamebook once- and that too for few days only.
      None of these gives you the correct results, I believe. They just randomly pick out a few names from your list & some form your friends’ lists to give you the impression that the app is genuine.;)
      That is my personal opinion, though. :)

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  10. Ambika, this is good post, I landed up here while googling, I want to keep track of unknown persons who check FB profile, I will try it out for sure and do more research to see if it works and keep you posted, Thanks for sharing information, I like your blog too while wandering around , good work, Keep it up

  11. I think all these r third party appl. where we need 2 to provide our information & there r chances of hacking d FB password.

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