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Facebook Addiction Causing Eating Disorders in Women

Facebook, with more than a billion active users, is a huge hit with people of all age groups these days.

Everyone from the electrician around the corner who operates from a garage to the cabbie, a dean at the university to a class IV student has a Facebook account these days.

Infact, a person with no Facebook presence is seen as ‘uncool’ or ‘so-yesterday-types’ these days.

I have seen over enthusiastic parents creating Facebook profiles for their kids who are only a few months old!!

While it is alright to use social networking sites to stay connected to friends and family or to play a game or two at times to while away boredom, users need to keep in mind the fact that this hugely popular site is highly addictive.

As has rightly been pointed out, the logout button is the hardest to press on Facebook. facebook-addiction

Spending too much time on this site is now becoming a necessity for some diehard fans and they must keep checking their profiles every few minutes whether they are working over their computer or from their cell phones.

Yes, Facebook Addiction disorder is now official!

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How Facebook Causes Eating Disorders in Women?

Researchers at the Florida state University studied 960 college going women and have come up with startling results.


Pamela K Keel, under whose supervision the study was carried out, came to the conclusion that the following three categories of women were most likely to suffer from eating related disorders due to spending time over this networking site:

  • Women who were too obsessed by getting lots of likes on their status updates and pictures
  • Women who were constantly untagging themselves from photographs due to whatever reasons
  • Women who were comparing their own pictures to those posted by their friends

While numerous other studies in the past have hinted at the possibility of Facebook anxiety giving rise to health related problems, the findings of this report are startling because Prof Keel saw that women spending as little as 20 minutes on this site were more obsessed by their weight, looks and physical appearance.

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  1. what are the other ways in which social networking sites can affect?

  2. nice and great work thanks for………………………..

  3. The social media is a good platform and I still believe that.But I think to much obsession of anything is bad and that is proved again.I’m also addicted to it and it’s hurting my work a lot.

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