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Exchange Old iPhone for New iPhone at Apple Stores Soon

If you are one of those diehard Apple fans who just can’t wait to get their hands on the latest iPhone the moment it hits the market, but don’t quite know what to do with your older version of it, Apple Inc. has come out with a plan JUST FOR YOU!!!

Though there have been no official conformations to this effect from the tech giant itself, the tech bazaar is abuzz with rumors that Apple will launch a trade-in offer for existing iPhone users with the launch of their iPhone 5S next month.

The models which the company might consider replacing for newer versions of iPhones at present include the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. The same cannot be said about the iPhones 3 and 3G at present, though we believe that their low resale value could be the main reason for it.



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As soon as the new model hits the stores next month the loyal users might be able to simply walk in to an Apple store and trade their old hand set for a new device. That option, however, will be available ONLY if you decide to buy the upcoming iPhone 5S and not on any of the older models which are already running.

Many vendors already offer exchange schemes for devoted Apple buyers already but this will be the first of its kind initiative by the multi-billion dollar company itself. This scheme will be available only at the Apple stores.

When questioned about the exchange offer, Tim Cook, the Apple CEO, said it did indeed sound like a good idea. His reply left the media persons guessing whether it was a confirmation of the rumors or a denial?

Though there is no credible information about the same at present,  a mobile phone distributing company called BrightStar Corp.  based in Florida (USA) is said to be Apple Inc.’s partner for running this ambitious exchange offer.


Why The Exchange Old iPhone for New iPhone Offer By Apple Inc.?

To a casual buyer, the new exchange old iPhone for new iPhone might seem like another brilliant marketing strategy. But there is more to it than meets the eye for sure.

This heavenly sounding scheme was proposed not to save YOU the embarrassment of pulling out an older iPhone model when a new one is already available.

But to push up its sales.

At present, only 20% of iPhones and iPads are sold through Apple stores, the remaining 80% being sold by individual sellers or online.

The older cell phones which the company this buys back will then be refurbished and sold to people in emerging markets like South America, Asia Africa, etc where the higher costs of iPhone devices are a big limiting factor.


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The new buyer will be offered credit for taking home the sparkling iPhone 5S, thereby not requiring him to make any down payments.

This will help it entrench its feet in markets like the US where the smartphone market is saturated because all iPhone owners get miffed when a newer version comes out- no one in such burgeoning economies wants to be seen with an obsolete set. At the same time, it will help it gain foothold in African and Asian markets which Apple wants to think of as the emerging hotspots for cell phone manufacturers.

Well, whatever the reasons- the new rumors doing the rounds certainly have the iSheep delighted as they look forward to the next launch soon.




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  1. These kinds of Mobiles deals are very good if you want to upgrade your mobile phone.I am not Huge iPhone fan but love iMac.Samsung has also started exchange offer for their customer and they also gave me a great deal which help me to almost 5000 rs.
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  2. Hi Ambika,

    Indeed, this will be a good marketing strategy for loyal iPhone users. This will definitely make them more loyal. I wish this will be implemented sooner. I have iPhone 4 waiting for this scheme. :-D
    Ronaldo Ferrer recently posted…How to set up a new AndroidMy Profile

  3. Thanks for the post. I have an iPhone5 and I don’t really like it that much to be honest.
    Myriam recently posted…September fitness challenge : 30-day workout calendar !My Profile

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