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Cristiano Ronaldo: Flaunt it if you have it- Swanky Cars And Sprawling Mansions

Cristiano Ronaldo, the soccer sensation, is back in news.

This time for his off-field antics rather than his feats on the ground!

The captain of the Portuguese football team and Real Madrid striker, who could have easily been a supermodel if he was not a footballer, believes in flaunting all that he has!

This time, it is his chiseled body!

Yes, the immensely popular footballer has put up a huge nude picture of himself in his luxurious villa at Madrid.


Ronaldo nude picture at madrid home


Cristiano Ronaldo- Earnings And Lifestyle

The 28 year old footballer was once the highest paid football player of the world owing to his £11 million per year contract with Real Madrid for six straight years. Though he has currently been overtaken by Lionel Messi and David Beckham, he still earned an astounding £24.3 millions in 2012.

Ronaldo has been blessed with come hither looks, making him hugely popular with the gals the advertisers and the media alike. No wonder then that endorsing some top brands like Nike, Gucci, Coke, Jacob and co and Armani fetch him millions of dollars every year.

With earnings like that and drop dead gorgeous looks, he has dated celebrities like Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian in the past, though he has now mellowed down and has a son with his present girlfriend, Irina Shaykes, a former Russian supermodel.


cristiano-ronaldo with girlfriend Irina Shaykes and son


He loves swanky cars and owns some of the most desirable vehicles in the world.

And why not?

With someone who earns in that bracket, luxury cars and palatial homes should look like peanuts!

A Lamborghini Aventador, Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead, Audi R8, Bentley Continental GTC, Aston Martin DB9, Ferrari 599 and many more. Oh my my…I am drooling already!!! :P

Cristiano Ronaldo- Mansions in London And Madrid

He bought a sprawling £ 6 million mansion in Cheshire, one of the poshest neighborhoods of London which allows him to rub shoulders with the rich and the mighty, which include among others the famous Posh- Beckham couple. This mansion boasts of five huge bedrooms, a sauna, a swimming pool, a gym and a private cinema for the superstar.


Cristiano Ronaldo London mansion


Ronaldo also owns a huge palatial home at Madrid which was designed for him by the famous architect, Joaquin Torres. With 7 bedrooms, elegantly designed contemporary furniture and a specially designed room for his son, Chris Junior, this is certainly one of Madrid’s HOTTEST properties. Add to it the fact that the ceilings are mirrored!


Cristiano Ronaldo Madrid mansion


Now, this home can boast of something that is really unique. And that is a nude picture of the owner of this stately mansion himself adorning the walls!

When contacted, Joaquin Torres said, “Why would he want a grand piano? I think it’s because of the things some people miss out on as children. He must have seen it in one of the rich people’s homes in Miami Vice and thought he should have the same.”

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  1. I’m not really a Cristiano Ronaldo fan.
    But, he recently donated a huge amount as charity, which makes him a socially respectable person too !
    Akhil Pulotil recently posted…Author Rank : How Important Is It ?My Profile

  2. Though I’m not actually a soccer fan, I really do appreciate good looks. Ronaldo is smoking hot. That is one truth that we can never fail to recognize.

  3. I don’t fancy football, and I’m not a big fan of it. But I definitely heard of Ronaldo, The Becks, and other football stars who are basking in the glory of stardom these days. Bless them. Thank you for this feature. I really appreciate it that there are people like you who’d spend their time featuring the rich and famous in their blogs, wiithout all the trash talk.
    Veronica recently posted…Architecture and nature co-existing happily together – is it possible?My Profile

  4. Now that is one gorgeous creature! I’m not a big fan of football but I’d always look forward to seeing David Beckham (remember his Lacoste commercial?) and now this dapper, dashing jock of a football debonnaire!

  5. Ronaldo looked good in a lot of those pictures.I have to say that even though Beckham earns more, he’s still more good looking. Thanks for sharing those pictures.

    • Well, there is mor to him than the way he looks. Though I personally adore him for his physique and looks, I am sure there are better looking men who do not earn a fraction of what Ronaldo does. :)
      Ultimately, handsome is he who handsome does.

  6. Lovely mansion to fit the best footballer in the world. As a Man Utd fan, my only wish is to see him back at OT. Welcome home CR7.

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