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6 Best Social Media Plugins For Website Owners

Social media plugins are a must have for every blog because creating even the best of content will go useless and unread if it is not shared across various platforms and read by maximum number of people.

To make sure that your well researched article on which you have spent hours of hard work is read by as many people as possible, your website needs to be taken to people.

Social Media plugins help you do that easily. Just one click by your visitor and it is shared to hundreds of new people.

There are dozens of such plugins today. And it is difficult to decide which social media plugin would be best. You have to make sure to choose the best social share plugin for website- which contains all social sharing buttons you want. But there is a lot more you would look in your plugin besides that as well.

Following are some of the most popular and best Social media plugins for website owners across WordPress.

Know the pros and cons of each and choose the one which is just right for you:

      1.  Digg Digg:

This is, by far, the most popular social media plugin. If you want something simple yet very functional and effective, then Digg-Digg is for you. It always looks a part of the website and is more authentic than most other available plugins.


Digg Digg best social sharing buttons


  1. It displays all the popular sharing buttons (and that too, with count) like Facebook, Google +, pinterest, Twitter, Topsy, Yahoo Buzz, Stumble Upon etc.
  2. It is very customizable. You can choose it to make like a floating bar. You can choose it to place below or above the post.
  3. Has left or right scrolling effect.
  4. Increases website performance.
  5. Has e-mail and other print options, too.


  1. Sometimes, it slows down the website performance.
  2. It does not have Tumblr social sharing button.

  2. Social Stickers:

With very less flaws and perfect for almost any website, Social Stickers is one social Sharing Plugin you probably don’t want to miss.


Social stickers Best social media plugin


  1. You can easily customize the order of the icons
  2. This plug in supports shortcuts
  3. You can show Facebook page likes and number of Twitter followers
  4. Knowledge of HTML can help you edit the plug-in
  5. It is very small and does not look crowded.
  6. There are more than 50+ options ( like eBay, 500px, twitter, Facebook, Pinterest,Hi5, Skype, E-mail, Orkut, Quora etc.) and you can easily chose which social sharing buttons you want to choose.

Liked by almost everyone, Social Stickers is nearly flawless.


    3.  Sharexy:

Here are the salient features and the drawbacks associated with this social media plugin:


social plugins for website Sharexy


  1. Very easy to install
  2. Very bold and beautiful design
  3. Very easy to place anywhere on the website
  4. Lots of social sharing buttons available to helps users from different social networks to share.
  5. You can easily choose which share buttons to show
  6. It is a very small plug-in, so, it takes a very small space which makes it look more managed.


  1. The e-mail function in this sometimes not very functional.
  2. The customer care support is not so great


4.  Flare:


Flare social media plugins

One of the simplest yet most alluring social sharing plug in, Flare gives you that extra magical effect to your website that other sharing plugins can’t give.


  1. Very easy to install, use and customize as per your needs.
  2. Floating share buttons below, above or at the sides of your post makes it your website more beautiful
  3. Almost every popular social network share option is available.
  4. You can customize on which type of posts flare should appear.
  5. You can customize in such a way that it scrolls down/up with page and can be made hidden if the visitor wants.
  6. You can also customize the appearance of the social sharing buttons or icons i.e. their color or layout.

This plug in has very few flaws and their customer care support is good too.


5.  Sociable:

One of the most popular sharing plug in, sociable looks more natural than any other plug in available. Also, it is small and looks very managed and clean.


Sociable social media plugin


  1. Lots of different most popular social networks sharing options
  2. Has sharing via e-mail option and quick bookmarking option
  3. You can easily choose which sharing buttons to put on the bar
  4. You can place the bar vertically or horizontally as per your need.
  5. It responds slowly resulting in the increased page performance.


  1. The horizontal placement of the bar is not so good experience for most of the people.
  2. It does not have lots of customization options.

6.  Shareaholic:

One of the catchiest plugins available, Shareaholic looks great on almost every kind of website.

Shareaholic social share plugin

  1. It has more than 15 language options. So if your website is not in English, this might just be the social media plugin you were looking for.
  2. Support for Google’s short URL (goo.gl) and Google Analytics.
  3. It also offers Recommendation and analysis. Thus, resulting in higher number of page views
  4. Has social sharing buttons for almost every sharing popular network.
  5. Very easy to install, use and customize as well.
  6. This plugin loads very quickly and is more website friendly.
  7. Also, the graphics are great.


It does not have any particular flaws. It looks and works great on almost every website. But since it has HD graphics a website with classic view might not be a good fit for this plugin.


Which of these social sharing plugins is you favorite?

Do write to us about the social media plugin are you using for your website?

Do write to use about the commendable features and the drawbacks of the plugin you are using.


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About Ambika Choudhary Mahajan

Hi, I am Ambika. A hands-on, stay at home mom (by choice) to two cheeky devils. I am a freelance writer and eBook author turned blogger. Connect with me on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to get regular updates.


  1. Flare is really great plugin,, getting much attention these days….
    thnx for sharing …

  2. Hi Ambika ma’am

    Great Share.!

    Thanks For the Plugins ;) Currently I ‘m using Sticky Social bar plugin :) BTW! Nice List :)

    Stay updated and Stay Rocking ;) :P


  3. I am currently using Flare on my blog and i must attest it been an awesome social media sharing plugin. I am yet to try the other ones on the list, will definitely try them out on my other blogs. Thanks for sharing.

  4. this all are nice plugins but i really like the flares.
    all other are also good but very much impressed by flares.

    Thanx mam for sharing it with us … :)

  5. Nice tips, Ambika! I am currently using Shareaholic because I love the it animation. But I feel like now my blog loading speed is a bit slow and that great to hear about alternative plugins. Useful for me..! =D

  6. Hello Ambika,
    What a wonderful list you have here. I love the sharethis social plugin because of it simplicity and the job it carries out. i am also using dig dig for my floating side bar. Nice post and do have a lovely weekends

  7. Finally found the post what I’ve searched. Thanks for sharing this :)

    I like Flare widget even it is in beta stage. It attracts a reader to share my posts. And all other plugins that you have listed here were also cool.

  8. Hey Ambika,
    Nice list about social sharing i have not tried flare as some bloggers using it looks cool too would like to try out in my blog

  9. Well I have tried Digg but recently its crappy css caused issue with few themes. Best is to use Flares or Shareolic.
    The plugin should be used to place social buttons at the correct places where they do not disturb ads and article reading.

  10. i prefer shareaholic :) ambika. considered digg digg once but like what you said, it slows down my blog and only have few social buttons. shareaholic offers almost all kinds of sharing buttons

  11. Hi Ambika,

    Nice list of plugins. I am currently using Digg Digg. And I am really satisfied with the performance of this plugin. Besides I was thinking to use Flare just because more customizing options inside. But had changed my mind.

    Thanks for the great list.

  12. I love the last plugin Ambika. Using the right number of social plug ins helps your readers promote your stuff but beware overdoing it. Give people too many options and they generally forget to share lol….too confusing.

    Ryan Biddulph recently posted…This Cheeky Monkey Taught Me a LessonMy Profile

  13. Personally, I prefer AddThis suite of Social Sharing plugins.
    You should see what’s coming though as I’m in their beta test program.
    Such a radical change from what they have now, to much more elegant. Oh and I love their analytics more than other plugins I’ve previously tested too.
    Martin Cooney recently posted…Advertising On Your Website – Easy and AutomatedMy Profile

  14. Hi Ambika,

    Well Eplained about your experience. and really these are nce plugin but Currently i am using Sticky. nand i have not used yet of these plugin. so i can not say more about it . but make sure i will try of these pluging and i hope these Plugin will be helpful for us. Well thanks for sharing of your experience. really you are genious. person.

  15. Floating Sharebar is my all-time favorite but after I switched to Thesis 2, I wished to use Thesis box for this feature. After many searches, I found that there’s no good Thesis box for the purpose. I had to work with whatever I have.

    Apart from Sharebar, I also loved Socialize. It really has some great features that you can’t get in other plugins.

  16. Great post Ambika.

    I have tried all these plugins but Digg Digg is the best so far.

  17. Useful post Ambika!

    I know shareaholic, sociable and flare. These are really awesome social plugins for the bloggers.

    Will check the missed ones soon, thanks for presenting the needful stuffs :)

  18. Sexy bookmarks is also a pretty good plugin. I like Digg Digg, but I’ve tried it on a few themes before and it would give me conflict issues.

  19. Nice post
    i will try these plugins in my website.
    Bobby recently posted…Will Free Roaming hurt Dual sim phonesMy Profile

  20. Never tried some of the plugins from the above list, will have to concentrate on all of these plugins now.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Abhishek kumar jha recently posted…How to create bootable usb pendrive to install windows xp, windows 7 and windows 8.My Profile

  21. Thanks for this post. That Social Stickers and Flare look really interesting. I’m checking them right away.
    Chadrack recently posted…Riches in Niches Power Challenge: How to Pick a Profitable Niche Market!My Profile

  22. Yes am read that article like as I was worried about the link building and, but after I switched to Thesis 2, I wished to use Thesis box for this feature. After many searches, I found that there’s no good Thesis box for the purpose. I had to work with whatever I have.
    fawad recently posted…Gandhara University Peshawar KPK AdmissionsMy Profile

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