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40 Taurus Tattoo Designs for Bull Tattoo lovers

Inspite of the advancements in science and technology, man’s enchantment with the various zodiac signs shows no signs of ending.

The very idea of one’s life being controlled by heavenly ideas has an element of romance about it, due to which many people go on to have tattoos inspired by their zodiac signs.

People born from 20 April to 21 May fall under the influence of the second sign of zodiac- Taurus, the bull.

Taurus tattoos very popular among the people born under the influence of this zodiac sign.  Read on to know the meaning of Taurus the bull tattoos.

Taurus the bull has several meanings or connotations attached to it.

Negatively, however, it is perceived of as a cruel cold blooded, jealous and possessive animal which is also violent and destructive.

Bull tattoos, therefore, can be interpreted to stand for both positive and negative aspects of the wearer’s personality.

More often than not,  men and boys opt for bull tattoo designs featuring angry, charging bulls. Women, on the other hand,  prefer to opt for a simple tat done in a fancy font or go in for a Taurus glyph. This glyph looks similar to the English letter “O” with horns sticking out from the two sides.

People choosing to get taurus tattoo designs can opt for a glyph, an image of the bull or a simple TAURUS written in a fancy font or for a combination of these.

Most people associate taurus tattoos with masculinity these days and you can choose to get a wonderful pattern in various colors and sizes on any part of your body which you wish to get inked.

We are sharing 40 awesome bull tattoo designs with you, so that you can go ahead and get a cool piece of ink that matches your personality and enhances your style quotient.

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Taurus Tattoos

A tribal taurus tattoo on a man’s arm

Taurus Tattoo designs

A huge bull across the arm looking deadly- Obviously not for women!

Taurus Tattoo designs

A small tat near the elbow

Bull tattoo

Looks masculine for sure!!

Bull tattoos

A bull image used along with the glyph

Taurus tattoo for women

A striking design for women- I find it too large though!

Small Bull tattoo designs for women

Now, that is dainty and cute!!

Bull tttoo designs

Brilliant artistry here!!

Taurus Tattoos

Simple and classy Celtic chains

Taurus Tattoos on back

Large Taurus Tattoo designs

Bull tattoo design

This one would never fail to create an impression….

Taurus Tattoo designs

A very huge pattern covering the entire back

Taurus Tattoo design

This one could be used by both men and women

Taurus Tattoo design

That would look good on muscular biceps!!

bull Tattoos

And this one is a killer.

Bull tattoo design

Very unique and creative

bull Tattoos (22)

A huge pattern


Bull tattoo

Electrifying, isn’t it??


Taurus Tattoo design

One of the coolest taurus tattoo designs for the back

Taurus Tattoos celtic design

Use of celtic chains to form the glyph

bull Tattoos

That’s a chic bull!!

taurus tattoo

A stunning pattern for cool dudes born under the influence of this zodiac sign

Bull tattoo designs

What do I say to this- Very very sexy!!!


Bull tattoo designs

An angry bull with TAURUS inked on a man’s chest

Bull tattoos

Another large pattern across the arm

Bull tattoo on arm

A very simple bull that you’ll love!

Bull tattoo design

And this, friends, is my pick of the lot!!

taurus tattoos

Place this one on your leg, arm, chest, back- anywhere!

bull Tattoos

A simple yet sexy taurus tattoo design across the back

Taurus Tattoo glyph

A simple glyph behind the ear- very stylish!!

bull Tattoos

A huge pattern on the upper arm

Taurus Tattoo

The brown color used to make the bull look deadly and fierce

Taurus Tattoos

A very large bull tattoo design on the back


Taurus Tattoo designs

A very handsome bull…


Bull tattoo designs for women

A bull tattoo on a girl’s back

Impressive bull tattoo design

A charging bull in all its fury

Bull tattoo design on lower arm for men

 Wonder why this bull is looking so angry???

Taurus Tattoo designs

Colors used to create a stunning effect here

Taurus Tattoo on the chest

Any woman would drool at the sight of a taurus tattoo design like this!


We promise to bring you some of the best patterns associated with each sign of the zodiac month after month. This is the month of the bull.

Do tell us which ones of these designs you like the most!

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