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40 Cool Cursive Fonts Using Free Cursive Font Generator

Cursive script is said to have originated in China, basically to make for faster writing. Lifting the writing instrument time and again while writing would make for slower writing, giving rise to the need for connecting together the various letters to each other.

The Free Online Dictionary defines cursive handwriting as, “rapid handwriting in which letters are set down in full and are cursively connected without lifting the writing implement form the paper”.

It is also called running writing, joined-up handwriting, joint writing, etc. It is important to note however that all handwritten fonts today do not join letters to each other as was originally meant.

Read on to know more about these fonts besides, of course, getting to use the cursive font generator at the bottom of the page. Also learn to find font which is best for you.

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What are Cursive Fonts?

Cursive fonts continue to be popular today as well, though the term is generally taken to imply decorative text or handwriting.

Cursive fonts” is a broad term used to describe the various styles of cursive handwriting wherein the letters are written with a slight slant and with minimal lifting of the pen or pencil.

Cursive fonts are broadly divided into two categories:

  1. Formal cursive, and
  2. Casual cursive.

In the formal style, cursive letters are more or less totally joined whereas casual cursive letters (the way we usually see it today) are a combination of pen lifts and smooth, continuous flows.

Cursive handwriting styles differ hugely from language to language. While Asian languages focus more on the connection of strokes WITHIN a letter or a character, the emphasis in Arabic and Latin languages is on the maintaining the connection BETWEEN the letters.

10 most popular cursive fonts today are:

  • Comic Sans MS
  • MV Boli
  • Monotype Corsiva
  • Tempus Sans ITC
  • Kristen ITC Mistral
  • Freestyle script
  • French Script MT
  • Bradley Hand ITC
  • Vivaldi, and
  • Lucida Handwriting

Free Online Cursive Font Generator

There is no dearth of sites which can help you find font which matches your exact requirement. But most of them will require you to download and install a font generator for each of these fonts. If you want to use yourself the hassle of doing so for each of the styles you might want to find out, we offer you a simple solution here!

Here is a free online cursive font generator for all our readers where they don’t have to go through that tortuous procedure every time. All you need to do is find font which you think would work best for you. And LO….there you are!!

[iframe_loader align=”left” scrolling=”no” height=”500″ src=”http://mymagicmix.com/font/index.html” ]

So, go ahead and embellish your text using these awesome handwritten fonts.

It is because of the obvious visual appeal of this form of writing that cursive handwriting formed an essential part of school curriculum till typewriters made an appearance. The advent of computers and printers further lessened the popularity of cursive handwriting.

Cursive font generator

You can see how these simple words have been written in so many different styles, colors and sizes.

Cursive fonts are extremely popular with web developers and designers these days because they can transform an ordinary and dull looking text into an eye-catching masterpiece within no time. These fonts are widely used by tattoo artists as well.

We would like to part with our readers with a friendly piece of advice.

And that is: Exercise due caution while using these free cursive fonts, because most of them come in for a lot of flak for being illegible.

Make sure that the font you opt for makes for easy reading and does not require you to strain your eyes too hard. If that happens to be the case, the whole point of beautifying the appearance is lost!

We humbly accept that we are not the best, but we do promise to generate designs which you can customize to suit your requirements within no time at all using this simple & quick cursive font generator. To put a cherry on the top, you can embed the HTML code directly to your website or blog without giving us any back link at all. :)


Please let us have your feedback about our cursive font generator and the various cursive fonts we offer here, so that we can improve upon it further!

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