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30 Leo Tattoo Designs- Best Leo Tattoos for Men And Women

Leo tattoos are very popular with those born under the influence of the fifth sign of the zodiac.

Leo, the lion, is the animal associated with this zodiac sign. People born from July 23 to August 22 fall under this sun sign.

The ruling planet for Leos is the Sun and their ruling element is FIRE!

As tattoos are gaining popularity with the younger generation, more and more people are always looking out for good ideas to get themselves inked. And what could be better than flaunting the sun sign you fall under!

Here are the personality traits which are said to be typically associated with those who born under the influence of this planet.

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Positive traits:

If you are a Leo, you will be full of enthusiasm which is infectious and always be cheerful. Brimming with confidence and pride, you have the capability to grab attention by virtue of your ruling planet.

Just like the lion, you are a born leader and possess great leadership skills. Not only do you set very high benchmarks for yourself and live upto the expectations of others but also have the quality to inspire others to put in their best.

By virtue of your ruling planet, you are an extrovert, dauntless and strong.

Wow! If I were you, I would surely love to get a cool Leo tattoo!

Negative traits:

On the negative side however, you might be vain and conceited. Because of the attention and respect you normally get, you might end up being an egotist who has scant regard for other people’s sentiments and feelings.

Being in the limelight too often leaves you sulking for almost no reason when you are not the cynosure of all eyes and that can make you resort to sinister and malicious methods to get to the numero uno position.

Well, that seems to be no reason not to flaunt the fact that you are a proud Leo. Show off your ruling planet and sun sign with these sexy Leo Tattoos designs.

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We have tried our best to come up with the 30 best hand picked Leo tattoos designs for men and women.

leo tattoos



best leo tattoos



sexy leo tattoos for women



leo tattoos designs



leo tattoo



best leo tattoo



sexy leo tattoo



leo tattoo for women




leo tattoos for men



large leo tattoos



lion tattoo on leg



leo tribal tattoo



leo tattoo design



small leo tattoo for men



leo tribal tattoo ideas



leo glyph tattoo for men



leo tattoos for women foot



leo sign tattoo



leo sign tattoo foot



cute leo tattoo designs



leo symbol tattoo



best leo tattoos designs



leo tattoos designs color



leo glyph tattoos


leo tattoos men at back


small leo tattoo for women


large tattoo for men on back



lion tattoos on arm for men



leo tattoo symbol text



cool leo tribal tattoo


amazing leo tattoos designsSource


We hope you liked our collection of Leo tattoos. If you have more Leo tattoo pictures, do share them with us!

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