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25 Top Thigh Tattoos For Girls And Women

Thigh tattoos are a rage with tattoo lovers these days, particularly among the girls.

There has always been a debate regarding the acceptance of tattoos at the workplace. Since thigh tattoos don’t show up (unless the inked person is wearing a really skimpy outfit), they have been popular with those who want to get under the needle and get themselves inked but don’t want to flaunt their tattoo all the time!

Thigh Tattoos For Girls & Women

Though tattoos on almost any part of the body can be used to make a style statement or to express your views and/or love for someone or something, thigh tattoos are different!

Different because the wearer of these tattoos have the option to reveal them or to cover them as per his or whims and fancies. Now, that could be the mood of the person, the occasion or his/her surroundings.

Thigh tattoos are extremely popular among girls and women (particularly after Cheryl Cole got herself one), though men have been known to get them too.

If you have been considering getting a thigh tattoo, here are some wonderful thigh tattoos designs. Watch these and let your imagination run wild. Take your time before you can find yourself something that suits your personality because a tattoo, as they say, is forever. So, while it is important to think before you ink, getting a thigh tattoo can be the ultimate style statement if you can carry it off.

We are sharing with you the pictures of 25 best and most creative thigh tattoos here. Do let us have your feedback about which one you like most.

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cute thigh tattoosA cute floral design on the thigh


hakuna matata tattoo on thighHakuna Matata Tattoo on the thigh


inner thigh tattoosA very girlie design for youngsters


Back of thigh tattoosA large tattoo covering the back side of the thigh and the hip as well


large thigh tattoosA huge butterfly and a rose to adorn the thigh. Legs are also tattooed.


large thigh tattoos for womenLarge thigh tattoos for women


girl thigh tattoosNow, that is really different & creative!


side thigh tattoosSide thigh tattoo on one of the Olympians at the 2012 London games


thigh tattoos for girls“Fall seven times, Stand up eight” written on the outer thigh


thigh tattoo designs for womenAnother written message in a wonderful pattern


womens thigh tattoos“Salvation lies within” on the upper thigh


thigh tattoos picturesSimple yet chic thigh tattoo using only black color



cheryl cole thigh tattooCheryl Cole thigh tattoo- a mixture of a dragon & plant life..


Dragon thigh tattoosDragon thigh tattoos on the upper thigh


pictures of thigh tattoosAnother interesting pattern which will not show up too often


egyptian  thigh tattooAn Egyptian thigh tattoo


flower thigh tattoos

Large flower thigh tattoos look cool too!


rose thigh tattoosInteresting roses and swirls in this rose thigh tattoo

After all these thigh tattoos for girls, let us show you how male thigh tattoos look like:

male thigh tattoos

Male thigh tattoos

Some Both Thigh Tattoos

While most tattoo enthusiasts prefer to get only one of the thighs inked, both thigh tattoos are extremely popular too. Here are some interesting both thigh tattoo pictures:

Polynesian thigh tattoos for women

A Polynesian pattern on both sides

thigh tattoo

Beautiful pattern across both thighs- brilliant use of colors!


unique thigh tattooI wonder why anyone would want garter clips across both thighs??


Large thigh tattoo with arrowsLarge both thigh tattoos with arrows


both thigh tattoosAmazing work of art, if you can endure that much pain….


female thigh tattooosA very delicate pattern for both thighs


Please let us know about your favorite thigh tattoo from our collection!

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  1. WoW……!!!
    Beautifullly Tattoou…..

  2. I also wanted to tattoo myself on arms and low back.
    But have read it kills your skin rather then enhancing it.

    • It does not, Anchit.
      I have four of them myself and have never had a problem with any of them. A little after care to avoid any infection & going to a good tattoo artist who uses a fresh needle on you will make sure you do not get any skin related problem.
      Go ahead if you are planning to get one. Choose a good pattern. And I’m going to write soon about all the things you need to keep in mind before you get your first tattoo.

  3. it so nice to see this images i like tattoo very much and i find it perfect. because it adds beauty to the look and make you special in all the way.

  4. The acceptance of tattoos at workplace depends the kin dof work!!
    It necessary to accept the law of the work!!
    these tattoos are beautiful and interesting !!! thank you for sharing !!

  5. WOW! This is really awesome collection of tattos, I Love tattos, like tattos, Thanks for sharing this nice collection.

  6. Hi Ambika,

    It is quite nice topic and trendy article. I have seen many go crazy over tattoos. Indeed they are very attractive and beautiful and look good somewhere to look at. But why would you prefer to get a permanent mark on the skin. I think being natural is much beautiful.


  7. Hi Ambika,
    Nice View about the 25 Top high tattoos for girls and women. i am so crazy of tattoos and i like alot the make tattoos but i have some tense atually there is any side effect from to make tattoos. is this true..? becasue someone saying that it can be skin cancer for the tattoos …could you plz tell me……about it?

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