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20 Best Female Celebrity Tattoos

Celebrity tattoos have always evoked considerable interest among common people like you and me. While some such inked celebrities have awesome tattoos which look fabulous, there are others which look garish and distasteful, to say the least.
Here are some most talked about female celebrity tattoos and also some male celebrity tattoos. And we have given them all a rating based on a survey sent out to some of our most regular readers and put them all in three categories- the good, the bad and the ugly.

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20 Best Celebrity Tattoos Female

Here are some of our inked style divas. Read on to know more about the creations they flaunt:
1. Angelina Jolie
With more than a dozen patterns, she is probably the first name that comes to our mind when we talked of celebrities with tattoos.
One of her most talked about tattoos is on her arm which shows co-ordinates of the birth of her children. This was done to cover up the left-behind tell tale leftover marks of her second husband Billy Bob Thorton’s name on her upper arm. Though she had his name clinically removed after they split, she covered up the visible remains of it with a new tattoo.
The actress loves them all and says the placement of her artworks ‘force’ filmmakers to be more creative when they plot nude scenes involving her.

best famous tattoos


2. Nicole Richie

Nicole has more than nine tattoos, going by the last count. The most famous ones on her include the shooting star tattoo on her wrist and the ankle rosary tattoo. None of her tats match the popularity of Nicole Richie ankle rosary tattoo because she is said to have set the trend for ankle rosaries.

Nicole also has a “Virgin” tattoo on her wrist.

Nicole Richie tattoos


3. Lindsay Lohan

Always in the news for wrong reasons, this gal made it to this list by dint of the “la bella vita,” tattoo on her lower back. Meaning, “Life is beautiful”, the words are surely inspiring- even if the tattoo is not.

Our take on it: BAD. Most pros would suggest her to get it removed. Immediately!!

Best celebrity tattoos


4. Scarlett Johansson

She surprised everyone with a sunrise tattoo on her arm at the premiere of The Other Boleyn Girl last year. Though she finds the tattoo cool and says it fills her with happiness, we would not vouch for the same. That could partly because of the weird choice of colors- looks like a pattern from a kindergarten child’s sketch book. This is not the only hideous tattoo she has. She has an equally bad one across her ribs saying, ‘

Lucky Girl’ with a horse shoe sign. Does she mean to suggest that anyone gets that far is a ‘lucky boy’?

celebrity tattoos female

5. Penelope Cruz

Penelope has an ‘883’ tattoo on her which has probably gotten her more attention over her refusal to reveal what it stands for, than the tattoo or the pattern itself. She has clarified that it does not stand for an area code, a phone number or her lucky number. Enigmatic, and looks good on her!
We would call it one of the best celebrity tattoos inspite of the simplicity of the design.

Penelope cruz

6. Cheryl Cole
Cheryl was seen sporting a huge tattoo of two entwined roses in red and black colors over her lower back recently. She did that to cover up a butterfly tattoo which she had got herself earlier. She also has a barbed wire, a rose on her thigh and a “Mrs Cole” across her neck.

The latest one she got has certainly not gone too well with critics and they insist that it is as hideous (if not more) than the butterfly it was supposed to hide.

cheryl-cole rose tattoo


7. Jessica Alba

This actress got herself a rock n roll tattoo which has not gone too well with tattoos experts or her fans either. She was seen sporting a huge rose collage on her upper left arm in grayscale which looked like a temporary one, in most probability. Still remains to be seen if it is a permanent piece. For her sake, we wish it’s not, though!
This one is so out of sync with her personality. She could have gone in for something more dainty.

Jessica Alba rose tattoo

8. Emma Watson

This young heartthrob from the Harry Potter series got herself a few tattoos. She has one across her back and there is some script one her wrist too, though we are not too sure about the latter. Most of them look super-cool on her!

best female celebrity tattoos

 9. Victoria Beckham

Like hubby David Beckham, Victoria has a few super-cool tattoos as well. How could we ignore her when talking of  celebrities with tattoos?

One of her most talked about art pieces is the Hebrew script across her back. That, the style Diva tells us, is actually a poem called Song of Solomon 6:3.

best celebrity tattoos


10. Rihanna

This famous singer has several tattoos. She has a Sanskrit prayer, a Pisces sign, a skull across her ankle, a tribal tattoo on her hand, a rebellious flower, a gun and the birthday of her best friend plus manager Melissa Forde.She also has a script reading, ‘Never A Failure, Always a Less’ on her shoulder and just gt herself a pink one of ‘Thug Life’ on her hand (knuckles, to be precise) which is her way of paying a tribute to the late rapper Tupac.

best female celebrity tattoos
11. Demi Lovato

This is another female celebrity who loves to get herself inked. Demi, who already had 10 tattoos, got herself a fresh one last November from the celebrated artist Kat Von D. This one was a line of 12 swallows down her lower right arm and she was so excited about getting them that she tweeted about the soaring birds the very next day to announce them to the whole world.One of the best celebrity tattoos of the year for sure!

best celebrity tattoos
12. Mel C
With 10 tattoos, this former Spice girl is no stranger to ink. She started with this phoenix on her back. She got this done when she started her solo career and has hence got herself more from time to time.

Mel C also has a spectacular Celtic cross tattoo on her arm which, she says, is a reaffirmation of her faith in the Almighty.

best famous tattoos


13. Katie Price

This glamorous model who had a crown with a “Princess” tattoo long time back. What gets her into the news now is her “Pete” tattoo on her wrist (which she’d got for ex-hubby Peter Andre`) which she got crossed out in a shopping mall in Ibiza after the two split up.
Whether they are together or not is a very personal issue. What we can definitely comment upon is the fact that getting someone’s name crossed out looks like the tackiest thing to do.

celebrities with tattoos


14. Pink
Pink has more than 20 tattoos on her body. And these include weird ones like a bar code on her neck, a musical note and the image of her dog. She also has a piece of ink reading “Sir Corky Moore” which is a tribute to a deceased family member though for some reason she has refused to get herself a tat which has something to do with hubby Carey Hart.

15. Amy Winehouse

This English pop star who was found dead at her London based home two years back was as much loved for her soulful voice as she was hated for her no-holds-barred attitude. A rebel to the core, she would never stop at anything from expressing herself and tattoos were one of her mediums she chose to do so.

Amy had 14 of them when she died, which included a single feather on her arm, a pinup girl who looks very much like Amy herself on her arm and a “Blake’s” across her heart for ex-husband Blake Fielder.

Out of all the celebrity tattoos female, she had the boldest ideas because she was not afraid of experimenting.


16. Lady gaga

No matter how much we try to ignore her, she keeps on coming up with new antics which help her grab eyeballs and hog headlines across the world. The latest being getting herself a wheel chair made out of solid gold after a hip replacement surgery.
This singer who has been voted as the worst dressed celebrity on more than occasion has 13 tattoos- some as weird as the rest of the things she does like urinating in a bucket at the launch of her perfume!!

celebrities with tattoos

17. Heidi Klum

This gorgeous supermodel got her first tattoo in 2008 to renew her wedding vows with hubby Seal. The two renew their vows each year, she told the media later. Getting both of them inked was their idea of making their fourth anniversary memorable. Heidi also got herself three stars, one each for her kids and got their initials written inside them.Simple yet cool celebrity tattoo! :)


18. Pamela Anderson

Pamela’s most talked about tat is her barbed wire thing on her upper left arm. This one became the ‘talk of the town’ because she later told the media about sharing the tattoo needle with hubby Tommy Lee after getting it done. And regretted having done so as well because that gave her a Hepatitis C infection. She is one of the famous tattooed female celebrities who also get an odd one removed later using laser.

celebrity tattoo

 19. Avril Lavigne

Though this Canadian singer has several small tattoos, she likes to play safe and has always gone in for very small ones. She is proud of her “super dainty” pieces which include a heart on her right wrist and a star with a “D” for hubby Deryck Whibley on her left wrist.

celebrity tattoo

20. Audrina Patridge

Reality star Audrina Patridge whose tattoos have always managed to keep her in the news and inspired many fans around the world recently got a tattoo at the back of her neck which almost looked like a snake wrapped around an apple. She told the media recently that the piece of ink is actually a four chambered heart and a fruit. Looks a little odd initially. But, it has been critically acclaimed by both tattoo artists as well as her fans, making it one of the best celebrity tattoos female.

best famous tattoos



Well, this was our compilation of best celebrity tattoos female- if we were asked to list just 20 of them! If there are any celebrities with tattoos which we have missed out of this list, do point out the omission(s) to us!

Also, do tell us about your best and worst celebrity tattoo.

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