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10 Most Undesirable, Horrible, Annoying & Irritating Bad Habits

Bad habits and ME?

You gotta be kidding!


Well, howsoever hard we might find to accept it, the fact is that all of us do have SOME bad habits.

Bad Habits

We all know that none of us is perfect. But THAT cannot be taken as an excuse for all unbecoming behavior.

There are some who are always unorganized while others are disliked for not adhering to deadlines due to social media and gaming addictions. Some who are hated for using four letter words while others who are notorious for making sexual advances towards all females around.

Unfortunately, most of us do not realize our bad habits till it is too late for us to make amends.

Bad habits

A leading survey company recently carried out a detailed study involving nearly 8,700 people over 17 countries to compile a list of 10 most annoying bad habits. People aged 10-70 were asked to list out the least desirable traits they would want to see in the people around them & today we are summing up the results of this survey here for you.

Read on to know about the traits which people find repulsive in others.

10 Most Abominable Bad Habits

  1. Nose picking

Rightly so. Who can ‘treat’ his eyes on someone digging for hidden treasures out of his nose in full public view?

Nose picking

Come on, you have to have the common sense to go to the wash room if you feel the need to do so, or to use your handkerchief!

Picking the nose not only goes against social etiquette but can also be bad for your health. You make yourself susceptible to viral infections like cold, cough and even stomach infections when you poke your nose with fingers which have touched infected things around you.

2. Habitual lying

We all need to lie once in a while. But if you do so habitually, people are likely to avoid you for the simple reason that you cannot be trusted. Plagiarizing, lying about teachers, colleagues or fellow classmates, misusing expense accounts or misrepresenting facts and figures are all bad habits which could reflect poorly on your character and also work culture. This could also include reveling in gossip and loose talk.

Besides making you a much disliked person, lying also damages your health because you are under constant stress of the truth surfacing. It can not only affect your relationships at home and among friends but also cost you your job.

Dishonesty is not appreciated anywhere- whether it is the army or among peers at school, your boyfriend or a publishing company. Sooner or later, the bubble is going to burst and when that happens, you will find it difficult to save your face.

3. Bad temper

An unpredictable temperament or a perpetually foul mood is not likely to get you anywhere either.

People who flare up easily are perceived to be incapable of handling pressure cooker situations comfortably. No teacher and no student, no mom and no child, no boss and no employee has ever liked a foul mouthed, ill tempered person. While it is good to be tough at times to get the best out of yourself as well as from others, you need to understand that a bad temper has never helped anyone.

 4. Cribbing and complaining

No one wants to be in the company of a person who is perpetually dissatisfied. There are some who are constantly unhappy with their spouse, finding faults with your employees or lamenting over a lousy neighbor while still others who have a teacher bout whom they are complaining 24X7.

Well, none of us is happy with all the things all the time. But complaining about one thing or the other all the time is likely to keep people off you. No one likes to be in the company of a grumpy, grouchy soul.

5. Stinginess

If you hate to pull out your wallet, all people (whether friends or family) will start avoiding you.

You can make excuses about having blown up your pocket money for the week on a gadget or being short on cash due to an illness in the family or your girlfriend’s birthday once in a while. They may even loan you out some money initially if they actually believe that you are in a miserable state. But if it becomes a routine, they will start looking for excuses to leave you behind when they sit out at your favorite pizza corner by the college or hang out together in a pub next weekend.

uncle scrooge

No one ever loved Uncle Scrooge, remember!

6. Leave-me-alone attitude

If you want to do everything on your own ALL the time, you will project yourself as a person who thrives best when left alone and cannot work together with a team.

Being a social animal, a person is expected to maintain goo interpersonal relations with his friends, family and colleagues. Self-sufficiency and independence are much sought after traits in a go-getter but you need to know where to draw the line to be able to bring out the best of others around you as well.

7. Dressing inappropriately

One has to learn to dress according to the occasion. Failure to do so can make you the butt of all jokes besides feeling uncomfortable yourself.

Now, dressing up according to the occasion does not mean wearing expensive labels or wearing very trendy clothes. But you certainly cannot command respect from your employees if you turn up for your AGM in a t-shirt and a pair of shirts paired up with sandals! Just as silly as a mom would look if she turns up for her child’s PTM wearing an evening gown.

There is a time and occasion for everything, and you need to respect the unsaid dress code.

8. Nail biting

Now, this is another habit that most people found irritating or annoying in others.

Some people bite their nails out of nervousness while some do so out of sheer boredom.

Biting nails to ward off boredom?

Yes, you heard it right!!

Nearly 40% of those who can’t help biting their nails say they do so simply because they have nothing better to do!

Well, if you fall in that category, it’s time we reminded you that this acts as a big turn-off for people around you. Please avoid doing that.

Nail biting

Not only does it look bad, this bad habit could be a big source of infection because there are millions of germs hidden in those tiny spaces beneath the nails all the time, no matter how short you cut them.

9. Poor body language

Another thing which made it to the list of top 10 bad habits is poor body language.

A person who cannot make eye contact while talking or being talked to, someone who makes silly faces, twitches his nose or eyebrows, or cannot stand straight is not welcome anywhere either, as suggested by this survey.

That makes sense too! Who would want to talk to a person who seems to be paying no attention at all or seems disinterested all the time?

Communication experts suggest that non-verbal communication skills are as important, if not more, as the verbal cues you give out while you interact with others. Actions speak louder than words, definitely!

 10. Procrastination

This is another bad habit that can cause people to hate you. Or, at least, dislike you.

Putting off all your projects, assignments and tasks at hand till the eleventh hour can take a toll on the quality of work you ultimately submit and also on the work ethos in your work place.  Whether it is because of your social media addiction, your personal compulsions or simply a matter of habit-the reason will fail to make a difference to all after a while.

Besides affecting your productivity, YOUR last minute rush might mean people having to rush through their work with not enough time at their disposal. This not only pitches them against you but also affects the overall quality of work and failure to submit work within stipulated deadlines.


These are just a few bad habits which made it to the top ten most abominable traits listed down by people. The purpose of compiling this list is to give you all a reason to introspect and to work at your shortcomings.

The cumulative effect of any bad habit can, over a period of time, draw unwanted attention to other flaws in your personality as well which might have otherwise gone unnoticed. As I was writing this article, I realized the need to work upon my temper (my husband and kids will vouch for that) and also learn to be more attentive. I also need to learn how to trust the right people, though that has not been enumerated above.

Write to us about other bad habits which, according to you, should have made it to this list!

10 Most Horrible bad habits

Meanwhile, we do hope that this list helps you get rid of some of your bad habits.

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  1. HI Ambika,

    Nice to be over at your blog too. :)

    I liked all that you wrote about these annoying and irritating bad habits, which am sure most of us are aware of and might even be trying to overcome a few, with time though.

    Habits which I can’t stand are nose picking, lying, procrastination, temper, stinginess, and would like to even add cheating or being dishonest. I guess if people learn to work on themselves, they can easily overcome there habits and get better.

    Thanks for sharing these with us. Have a nice day :)

  2. I can relate to this list because I have seen lots of people with these traits. (And I know I have a few, too!) Sometimes I can be stingy. Other times I am really generous.

    • Hi Jodi, Its nice to have you stop by here!
      Yea, you’re right. None of us is perfect. All of us need to identify the negative & undesirable traits in our personality so that we can work towards being better people and projecting ourselves in a better manner. :)

  3. yeah! this is true.Each one of us has bad and good habbits.There are no exceptions.It is also true that n one of us is perfect.We are humans , we commit mistakes but the good ones of us learn from their mistakes.There are ten Most Abominable Bad Habits:Nose picking,Habitual lying,Bad temper,….The above article is really interesting and useful.

  4. All the points are really true. It really gets annoying when you see these habits being done in front of you. But, honestly we ourselves do have some of these traits.
    Ashish Gill recently posted…Top 10 Best Skin Care Tips for Summer to Stay Fresh and Well ProtectedMy Profile

  5. I have this habit of nail biting. When I was in the school and college my mom used to work a lot on making me get away from it. And I briefly did. But again recently I find myself to bite nails when I sit and think before the computer screen. Not so aggressively as I did before – but still I myself don’t like doing it coz I might pass on this bad habit to my son :) Gotta put a check on it!

    • Its an honor to have you visit my blog, Jane. There is no bad habit which we cannot give up if we make a determined effort to do so. Glad you tried. And I’m sure you realize that this is not a genetic trait..:P
      But yes, kids learn what they see. So, we must act as worthy role models.
      Hope to see you here more often.

  6. This is really good one. Its really helps people to understand their bad habit and also helps to leave their bad habits. I have also some bad habits from this list, hope i will leave immediately.

  7. We all know that none of us is perfect. But THAT cannot be taken as an excuse for all unbecoming behavior.yeah !! this is right we all make mistakes but it s notan excuse o do bad things and having bad habits!!! Thank you for sharing this precious article!

  8. nice This is really good one. Its really helps people to understand their bad habit and also helps to leave their bad habits. I have also some bad habits from this list, hope i will leave immediately.

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