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10 Fashion, Style Tips For Plus Sized Women And Girls

With size zero being the new fashion mantra, most fashionable girls who want to look good are dying to be thin. They are taking all sorts of crash diets, weight loss pills, starving themselves and exercising like crazy to get to that elusive hourglass figure.

But does that mean you should dress u like a grumpy old hag just because you are a bit…er….on the larger side?

Does being plus sized mean that you can’t or wouldn’t want to dress up smartly and look fashionable. The way your thinner friends do?

It is not always easy for a woman who is size 14 and above to pick up the right clothes for herself.

Style and Fashion Tips for Plus Sized Women & Girls

Here are a few fashion tips for a plus sized woman:

Try following these basic dos and don’ts when you pick up your clothes to look hot and sexy:

  • Identify Your Problem Areas

Know about your best areas and the parts you would like to hide.

If you have an amazing pair of legs, look for a dress that will help draw all attention to your legs while hiding your flabby tummy, for instance. You could go for a cut just above the knees (or mid-thigh, if you are comfortable with a shorter dress) so that your legs get all the attention instead of your paunch. If you don’t want to show off too much skin, put on a pair of sheer stockings.

  • Avoid Tight Clothes 

While hanging or loosely fitted clothes are a strict no-no, you need to make sure that they aren’t too tight.

Very tight clothes which are bursting at the seams will ‘showcase’ your bumps, bulges and extra pounds of flesh.

Hunt till you come across dresses which are neither too tight nor too loose. It would be best to stick to body hugging clothes that fit you well instead of hanging on to you.


Also pay special attention to the fabric you pick up.

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  • Don’t Wear Clothes That Hang Either

Just because you are plus size or generously endowed doesn’t mean that you have to hide yourself under the most unfashionable clothes or wear ill fitting, outdated stuff.

If you think that very loose clothes will help you hide your bulges, you’re probably right. But if they are a bit too loose or hang on to you, they will only make you look larger than you are.

Avoid features like frills, drapes, ruffles and layered clothing because they will add to your frame.

  • Wear Longer Tops

If you don’t have a very well proportioned torso, do not pick up tops which are too short.

Not only will they help hide you your not-so-sexy tummy, but also make your torso look longer and have the overall effect of adding to your height visually, making you look thinner than you actually are.

Longer tops will help hide you the unseemly love handles that spill put from the sides of your jeans more easily.


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  • Wear The Right Undergarments

It is as important, if not more, to wear the right undergarments with every dress. Not only will the right undergarments make you more comfortable but also add to the appeal of every dress you pick up.

Wear undergarments that fit you fully without adding to your bulges.

  • Try Capri Trousers

If you have very heavy thighs, it would not be a good idea to wear shorts. But if you don’t want to wear full length trousers or jeans all the time and do want to show off a little leg, try capris or cut-off pants.

Choose a length you’d be most comfortable with- just below the knees, midway between the knee and the ankle or just above the ankle.

They look much more stylish than a pair of full length trousers or jeans and definitely help add to the oomph you can exude inspite of your size.

  • Opt For V-neck Tops

Tops with v necks look good on larger sized women. V necks help make your neck look longer and more slender.


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Tops that have embellishments or patterns around the neckline help draw attention away from the tummy and focus on the upper body.

On the other hand, tops which have huge patterns or embroideries around the waist will add to your waist line.

Similarly if you have broader hips, go for tops or dresses with wider lapels.

  • Say No To Tapered Pants

Inspite of the popular notion that tapered pants will make you look thinner, they DON’T work out in favor of plus sized women and girls.

Tapered trousers will get your thighs much more attention than you’d want them to, making you feel miserable.

Unless you have shapely thighs, stick to straight legged trousers.

  • Use Heels To Your Advantage

Try to use heeled footwear to your advantage.

That will add a few inches to your height and make you look taller. And thereby, narrower.



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If you are not petite or too thin, it does not mean that you have to wear boring loose fitting shirts and baggy jeans all the time.

You just need to pick up the right clothes for yourself to look hot and sizzling.

Just because you have a few extra kilos to your frame doesn’t mean that you can’t look fashionable or not want to look good.

All you need to do to steal all the thunder from skinny girls is spend a few extra minutes while putting your wardrobe together.

While it would be good to see the ‘larger’ women and girls dress fashionably and smartly, you need not curse yourself for not looking reed thin like those skinny models. Remember that “Confidence is the sexiest dress a woman can wear”.

If you have any more fashion tips for plus sized women and girls which you’d like to share with our readers, please write to us in the comments below.

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