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10 Best High Page Rank Social Bookmarking Sites Which Give Dofollow Links

Looking for a list of High Page Rank (PR) social bookmarking sites which give dofollow links?

Social bookmarking is one of the best and easiest ways of earning backlinks from quality sites, as any SEO expert would tell you.

Not only can it help get tons of traffic to your site with very little effort but also help your posts rank higher with the backlinks they generate. Not to mention the benefit to your blog at the time of a PR update.

The good thing is that there are many social bookmarking sites which dofollow links to their users.

High Page Rank Social bookmarking sites with dofollow links


Posting on such sites regularly is one of the surest and best known methods of improving one’s Page Rank (which, need I say, holds a lot of importance for bloggers) and also getting their individual posts ranked much higher in search engine rankings, than they would otherwise be in the absence of such backlinks.

Here is a list of 10 such amazing social bookmarking sites with high page rank which give Dofollow links to users. The PR of the sites mentioned here varies from 7 to 9, as you can see.

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High Page Rank DoFollow Social Bookmarking Sites



Site Page Rank
www.slashdot.org 9
     2. www.reddit.com 8
     3. www.stumleupon.com 8
     4. www.digg.com 8
     5. www.delicious.com 8
     6. www.technorati.com 8
     7. www.connotea.com 7
     8. www.newsvine.com 7
     9. www.diigo.com 7
    10. www.folkd.com 7


Before you read any further, let me assure each one of you that social bookmarking is completely White Hat SEO. And unless you do something seriously wrong at these sites, you are unlikely to be penalized for using them.

Those of you who follow aggressive link building strategies will know that getting links from social bookmarking sites is tougher than it is to get them from directory submissions.

Most directory submission sites do not require you to create an account or resister on their site. You simply have to type the site url and add your blog or post url there to get a link.

Social bookmarking sites, however, require you to register and furnish full details about yourself before you can start using them for generating links. If you plan to get dofollow links from social bookmarking sites regularly, you would do well to create a document where you store in your email id you used for all those sites, your password and username separately and store it an easily accessible location on your system.

I, personally speaking, have an Excel sheet where I have stored all the information mentioned above, which makes it easier for me to use these sites.

Inspite of that, they are totally worth the effort. I have got lots of traffic from Slashdot and Newsvine.

To get the most out of these bookmarking sites, I would suggest you to be active on each of these-spend a few minutes on each of the sites you intend to use more actively than others as a matter of routine. 10 minutes on 3 sites would mean just 30 minutes a day. And that could translate into 1 dofollow link from a high PR site every day, if pursued properly.
Just imagine what that could mean to your blog and traffic in the long run!!

Remember not to overdo it and not to spam these sites (that could even lead to suspension of account in most cases) so that the link building process looks genuine and natural.

Hope this list of high page rank social bookmarking sites which give dofollow links will benefit all readers.


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About Ambika Choudhary Mahajan

Hi, I am Ambika. A hands-on, stay at home mom (by choice) to two cheeky devils. I am a freelance writer and eBook author turned blogger. Connect with me on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to get regular updates.


  1. All the above mentioned are not dofoolow
    Abhishek recently posted…How to Browse Privately on Firefox, Chrome, and Internet ExplorerMy Profile

  2. @Ambika,
    Great article,i was just start sharing my post on scoop.it,delicious and you gave me a good list of high social bookmarking sites.Will use this high pr social bookmarking for my blog.
    Himanshu recently posted…The Video Production Bundle – $500 Worth of Video Production For $29My Profile

  3. Hi Ambika

    As per my knowledge about SEO, Google also consider links from bookmarking sites as a signal to rank. I will recommend to use these sites wisely. Bookmark only those posts of yours which you yourself would love in future and not all of them.

    Indeed a useful list.
    Tauseef Alam recently posted…Interview Questions to AskMy Profile

  4. I was a great fan of digg, it was my favorite bookmarking site , but stopped using it after it changed its structure.
    connotea.com is new for me , Nice post :)
    Abhishek recently posted…How to Browse Privately on Firefox, Chrome, and Internet ExplorerMy Profile

  5. I usually use stumbleupon, and some time it works for me,
    will try others, thanks for sharing mam.
    Abhishek kumar jha recently posted…Facebook introduces hashtag features after Announcement of verified accounts, like those from twitter and Google plus.My Profile

  6. Hi Ambika,

    Thanks for the valuable list and I found I’m still missing some of the worthy networks. I used digg long ago and it used to be really good for traffic, but after it changed the it worked and removed the power users, I guess the charm of digg is already lost.
    Suresh Khanal recently posted…How to Allow Contributors to Upload Images in WordPress BlogsMy Profile

    • You right, Suresh.
      Digg finds a mention here solely because of its high PR.
      I have been using Slashdot, Folkd and Newsvine for some time now, and am delighted about the response I have got at these platforms.
      There are tons of other bookmarking sites too.
      But, as I mentioned, these sites require you to register as users and contribute actively, and not merely plant your links. so, it is not really possible to be active on too many of them at the same time. I stick to about 5-6 out of this list, and am active at those. takes me about 30-40 minutes daily but well worth the effort. :)
      Feel amply rewarded when I see lots of visitors there.
      Ambika Choudhary Mahajan recently posted…10 Best High Page Rank Social Bookmarking Sites Which Give Dofollow LinksMy Profile

  7. Nice list hopefully will get some link juice from these sites.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Karan recently posted…5 Best Ways To Share Files Online In 2013My Profile

  8. Nice List. I only knew Digg, Delicious and stumbleupon, from the above list, thanks for the list. :)
    But i don’t like Digg and Delicious never got good response, but Stumbleupon created awesome articles.

  9. Hi Ambika,

    Thank you for listing out about the do-follow bookmarking site, i am using stumleupon, and Digg…both of them are doing their awesome job :)

    i’ll start using more do-follow bookmarking sites also !
    Bishnu Subedi Nishan recently posted…Templates For Blog- How To Use Them?My Profile

  10. Hi Ambika,

    Nice Post, Ambika Acc. to me As you have shared your Experience, its Amazing and knowledgale for everyone. again same here Dear, Well i have already use all these social bokmarking sites which are effective and these are energetic for our website. so well explained and keep it up.

  11. Good post Ambika!

    Getting social signals genuinely would result the blog in receiving love from Google.

    I knew half of the social sites which you have listed here, will try to be active in other too as you specified.

    Thanks for the useful post Ambika :)
    Nirmala recently posted…How Facebook Is Earning Money?My Profile

  12. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful list, though i have personally used a couple of them, i will ensure to complete the list soonest. I will advice not to spam the links so as not to get penalized.
    Nwosu Desmond recently posted…What You Should Know about Oversharing on Social MediaMy Profile

  13. are links from Facebook pages also considered dofollow?

  14. A very well compiled list Ambika. I would like to recommend Scoop.it to be added to this list. It’s really helpful in gaining some quick visitors.

    Again, Thanks a lot… :)
    Giriraj recently posted…Windows 8.1 Unveiled : Top 5 Features you just can’t missMy Profile

  15. Hi Ma’am
    Social Bookmarking Sites with good do-follow links. Great list with Good posts Thanks for Sharing :) :)
    Srikanth recently posted…Samsung announced 7 -inch Galaxy Tab 3My Profile

  16. Mohammad Hussain

    Nice post . i used from 1 to 5 sites for blogging.but other are also good gonna use that too.
    Mohammad Hussain recently posted…Superb 4 Related Posts Plugin for WordPress in 2013My Profile

  17. thanks for sharing ambika. i will bookmark you post again :) unfortunately i might only choose few of them since i have no time to be active in all those social bookmarking sites.
    marilyn cada recently posted…NetMediablog.com: A Blog For the Tech SavvyMy Profile

  18. All these bookmarking sites are truly awesome. I personally have tried all these and many more sites to bookmark my web pages. Thanks a lot for sharing this list and more about social bookmarking role in SEO.
    Ankit Kumar Singla recently posted…WordPress Like Email Subscription Widget For BloggerMy Profile

  19. Nice list. And Reddit had driven a huge traffic to my blog. Going to give everything a try. And I think a single dofollow links from any of these sites will boost the pagerank.
    But please guide me how to use Slashdot.
    Sriram recently posted…How to Compel your Visitors to Come Back to your BlogMy Profile

  20. Love the list Ambika.

    I use Digg and StumbleUpon daily but need to get more active on each network, logging in and commenting.

    Right now I just share my content and my friend’s content. Sifting through the websites does make all the difference though.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Ryan Biddulph recently posted…How to Generate 1000 Page Views DailyMy Profile

  21. Hi Ambika,

    Nice list of do-follow social bookmarking site. Almost 6 out of 10 are new for me.

    Thanks for sharing
    Mubashir recently posted…Win 499$ from My First Guest Blogging ContestMy Profile

  22. Hello Ambika,
    Nice article you shared with us today :) . I always use my 250 social sharing site to share any of my new blog at first because they boost your traffic and presents. It is way advisable to use social share on your blog if you’re truly aiming for exposure and quality backlinks. Thanks :D
    Babanature recently posted…5 Reasons That Shows You Are Also A Lazy BloggerMy Profile

  23. Just amazing technique to increase website traffic. I knew the importance of social media but not in this way. You really solved a problem of mine. Thanks for sharing such valuable words with us.
    Adnan Shahid recently posted…Some Crazy But Clever Gadgets For Your Next Home Improvement Project!My Profile

  24. Thank you Ambika for sharing this list. It was really helpful to me. I would be back for more ideas from you.
    Suraj Singhal recently posted…Google Forces Web Owners To Make Their Websites Mobile-FriendlyMy Profile

  25. Thanks for sharing this! I would like to use these! hopes it will increase my sites reputation in the eyes of google. Are the links from youtube.com Dofollow ?
    Nithin Upendran recently posted…What is Bounce Rate ? Five Stunning Ways To Improve Bounce RateMy Profile

  26. Thanks for the list but does anyone know how to get on digg since they updated the site things just dont work out
    Osei Fortune recently posted…Weekly Blog RoundUpMy Profile

  27. That article are good and informative like as that are given as in the post But it does do wonders for some people who know how to get the most out of it and are really active there.Slashdot is not too tough to use at all. Just give it another try. And in case it doesn\’t work, please let me know. I’d be happy to help.Thanks……………………
    fawad recently posted…Gandhara University Peshawar KPK AdmissionsMy Profile

  28. Great Article i was looking for such list from long time thanks very much

    imran recently posted…Earn money by Network MarketingMy Profile

  29. This is a really cool list of bookmarking sites. Thanks a lot, Ambika for sharing this post. I usually use Stumleupon and diigo but I will definitely check out the others.

  30. Hay Thanks for sharing these high page rank social bookmarking site . Postin blog post to social bookmarking is the best way to get traffic and backlink also . And if you story got published the bookmarking site then it will appear on the first page and drive good amount of traffic

  31. Thanks Ambika for sharing the article. Connotea.com is new to me will definitely try it it.
    Can you write a post on how Scoop can be used?
    Chetan Chaudhari recently posted…BENEFITS OF ADVERTISING FOR DISABLED PEOPLEMy Profile

  32. thank you.You almost describe about all high page rank social bookmarking site.Out of all,i have use some before and i hope the rest i will use to promote my blog soon.Spice up your blog with such beautiful articles
    Your regards!
    Kishore Kumar Behera recently posted…Why bloggers can not earn money from bloggingMy Profile

  33. thanks for sharing such a wonderfull list
    really informative article
    innocentsm recently posted…An Awsome Street Performer – must watch & shareMy Profile

  34. such a great information here. Top 10 social media site here. I join this site and daily update a comment and review….!

  35. This is what that every blogger wants. Thanks for share this Ambika.
    Shreya recently posted…10 Things You Need to Know About Android CamerasMy Profile

  36. After searching a lot, finally i get a good social bookmarking list. Thanks for the share. Really help me.

  37. Excellent read, since I am new to SEO especially backlinks, this has helped me a great deal and I will be putting your advice into practice. Keep up the good work.

  38. Hello,

    I have use your bookmarking list but there are few websites are not working so please update your list like connotea.com, bizsugar.com and buddymarks.com. Thank You so much for your kind attention.

  39. You can get instant backlinks at social bookmarking site of http://www.mspidy.com

  40. I usually only use, reddit, delicious, etc, to optimize my site, and apparently also has a PR slashdot 7 instead of 9, thanks for the info
    Rudi Nazar recently posted…Setting : Pengaturan Umum WordPress – Tutorial Dasar WordPressMy Profile

  41. For Indian Blogger.Submit your blog to indiblogger , it fetches more real world traffic to your blog.We are using it since 4 years.Good list

  42. This is a wonderful article, Given so much info in it, These type of articles keeps the users interest in the website, and keep on sharing more … good luck
    sutopo sasuke recently posted…3 Tips Membuat Judul website SEOMy Profile

  43. Great work my friend.
    I use many of those myself.Really trying to understand Google plus a little better.
    Will follow you there.
    My blog about music,
    Trying hard to learn a little about seo,and every bit helps.

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